A10 tutorial

I would really like a tutorial on the A10. Could some one make one pretty please? Thank you.

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Don’t believe that there is one at the moment. Luckily for you, The A-10 is currently being reworked by the Infinite Flight Development Team where a official tutorial will probably go public upon release. There is no time frame to when this will all occur


Can’t wait for a potential rework of it😁😁

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It was confirmed with screenshots, so it’s not potential anymore


Sure I’ll do it later

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As it stands, the A-10 is tough. If you have a lot of fuel, your center of gravity (CG) will be very far back and you’re much more likely to stall or spin, and completely lose control. Stay a little faster than you think you need to when you’re heavy.

Obviously this isn’t a complete tutorial, but an important pointer nonetheless


Just some numbers to help you @Andrew_Plummer:

Stallspeed 120KIAS
Standard operating between 210 and 300
Takeoff heavie
no flaps
Power at 82% (N1 100%)
rotate at 170
Climb not before reaching 200

Landing heavie
gear below 200 (spoilers extended)
flaps 15 below 135
Land at 120

No need for flaps at start except at verry short runways. Same for landing, no need for flaps 30 except for verry short runways.

Be careful at crosswind especially when landing.

Best climb at 3200ft/min up to FL100 reduce climb rate stepwise after that. If you want to exceed FL180 be careful with power cause engines could stall. Do not exceed N1=100% above FL200 to be safe.

Try not to go below 170 in hard turns.

Those numbers are for IF current model. The do not fit realworld in all points.

Hope that helps. Keep in trying, it is a great airframe!



Hey can you confirm if the rework is complete as all I’ve done when I fly it is crash or flat spin

help please the humility is getting to me

Can’t confirm if it’s complete or not… But I can confirm that The Infinite Flight Staff Team has mentioned that it will be released in 2018 and that the A-10 (Fully Reworked) and the B737 family with some awesome features (and new liveries) will be included along with some other amazing things!

Keep your eye out on IF Social Media aswell as the #announcements category for all exciting news about this update and any/all future updates.

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Waitwaitwait I just stumbled upon this, is this why my engines died? Could you please explain that cause it was really annoying in my flight

You mean the passage about not exceeding N1 100%?
Yes that is an issue. It’s the safe way numbers that I wrote if you are familiar with the A-10 they could be exceeded.
But until then you should stay within this safe flight envelope.

If you’re engines died out you could restart them if you open the systems panel. Ensure you have dropped your throttle before you restart them.
The A10 can glide without power, but it’s with a 4000ft sinkrate to maintain 200+kias and you should avoid mid and high bank as well as flaps.


Interesting… Thanks for the info. My autopilot brought my throttle up cause I was climbing pretty high :P

thanks for the update peeps

Great knowledgeable answers as ever

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yeah, just do not use autopilot speed option above 10kft. Speed follows throttle in this attitude.
And be careful when disengaging the AP, ensure that you VS is set to -100 0 or 100 before. do not change attitude below the current aircrafts attitude while in climb and vice versa. It will mess up VS as well resulting in an uncontrolled stall.
But that’s all behaviour that might change with the rework.

Have fun flying it!

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