A10 Speed and Altitude

Hello, what is a good cruising speed and Altitude for the A10 warthog? Thanks

Google is your friend. I’d ask Google as there are many sources out there that’ll give you an answer as there is a lot out there about the aircraft and it’s specifications. :)

Adding onto what Asher said, the service ceiling for the A10 is FL450 (45,000ft) at 300kts. You shouldn’t exceed 450kts.

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Best speed to fuel ratio is at 93% throttle. And best attitude is where you catch a tail wind.
Typical cruise attitudes for the A-10 are FL160 to FL190. Yes it is that low even cross Pacific and in real world. Higher is only feasible for catching a tail wind or if the tanker didn’t won’t to go lower.
Typical refuelling is 21/21: FL210 at 210kts airspeed. That’s a speed where the A-10 still can catch up with the tanker and the tanker still flying in safe condition.


And to add to Adam_S:
The FL450 could only be reached with massiv efforts, it was only demonstrated during performance test flights. It is never reached in operation.
300kias it normally not achieved at cruise level.


ok,thanks major tom

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