A10 rework and live instruments impacts on performance?

Hi folks,

Haven’t changed any of the performance settings since the new update. However, can’t for the life of me use the new A10 with live instruments. Buttons take forever to come alive (e.g will press engine start, it night start hours later), can’t see the needles move etc.

So - is it possible that the new update essentially needs higher performance? And will that be a trend? Not sure my phone will be able to take it.


This is from the high LOD the A-10 brings. Not now, but later, you might need to upgrade to a more powerful device.

Most devices on the thread above should handle IF well.

In the future, IF will slowly become more powerful, so devices are constantly being made more powerful so IF can advance further to expand to the limits future generation devices bring.


I’ve been able to run the A10 on an old iPad Air, so I doubt that’s your problem.

In order to give the old gal a chance, I do make sure to only have IF running, and I also disabled background apps and notifications.

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What device do you happen to use?

I’ve noticed a pretty big difference but it’s till useable for now I’m on an iPhone 6 though so I need to upgrade anyway.

I use my IPhone 6 as my secondary device for Infinite Flight and so far have had no performance impacts since the update. I have every setting on High/Very High

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Its a Redmi 4X. Settings are high/high/medium for graphics.

So no one has experienced similar lag? Even transitioning through the different views seems to be a problem (which doesn’t happen for other planes).

I’ll have to test lower resolution tonight and report.

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