A10 Over Nellis (Also I’m grade 5 now!)

Today I got grade 5 in one of my favorite planes, The A10 Warthog.

Location: Nellis AFB
Server: Casual
Flight Time: Around 15 minutes

Stats for nerds

3 years
2 accounts
2,500 hours
1,700 landings
And at least 1.5 million XP

Getting Ready for my (hopefully) last flight as Grade 4

Departure (ignore centerline. F22 was coming head on. Also the gear up is a glitch)

Tower Buzz

Doing some Maneuvers in close by hills.

Turning final

1 More Landing. Come on Comif.

“Ragin 32, We are down and officially Grade 5!”

At the ramp. Shutting down.

(Stats for my current account. My other account was lost in time.)


Congrats on grade 5 bro🙌

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Thank you! I never had enough time to get grade 5 on my old account and when I just wanted a fresh start, I created this account. And I’m here now! Have fun on your journey to grade 5! (If your not already)

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Congratulations, sending positive vibes on your future endeavors. Good pick in plane btw to make grade 5 😜

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lol ye. 120 landings of my last 90 day landings are in the A10. I’m a huge fan of it. Thank you!

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Ayyy congrats! I hope you’ll enjoy your golden tag online!


Haha, I’ll enjoy it a lot definitely. “Hey! Yes you! Look at my golden tag!”
flexes nah nah flexing for the low lol


Hi Comif

Also congrat on grade 5

Pilot Felix. lol. Anyways thank you!

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Hahahaha 😂 so real

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Congrats on grade 5!
Some Top gun vibes here!

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I dont know if i should say this was off centerline or not

those poor ATC controllers… Their ears will never recover

And i think the Grade 5 thing should be in the spotlight that A-10 over Nellis


Congratulations on that truly impressive feat

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Well, I was aiming for fuselage centerline.

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Thank you!

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Great Job Getting To Grade 5!! 👍👍🙂

r/unsatisfyinglol dont flag me

Congratulations! Keep Climbing. The A10 is one of my favorite. Try touch and goes at DAAG with it…you will easily maintain grade 5s’ 180 landings in 90 days…just saying. See you in the skies 👏


Thank you! Will be sure to check it out.

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Congrats on getting grade 5

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