A10 flight 1 2 1 TUTORIAL REQUEST

Hi everyone natalie here

Not to sure how to go about properly requesting a tutorial video for the A10 so here goes

Tyler & Mark I’d be for ever grateful for the release of a video properly directing use of the A10

Like most I’ve had flight issues with the A10 I’ve tried the advice given through the community .

However I’m still binning it every time

Many thanks

If I’ve done this wrong please just correct it and PM me with the applicable changes that I should make next time many thanks

For those who real like this aircraft here’s some useful and interesting facts

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Since the A-10 rework is coming soon, a tutorial will most likely be released around that time :)


Okay great it’s just I seen misha and Laura performing great fight manuevers yesterday and I’m in a word jealous lol

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There is no tutorial for the A-10 at the moment. I don’t expect one to come out anytime soon, as they are currently reworking the aircraft. Once the rework is out, then they’ll have an official tutorial I’m sure :)

I’m not sure if this is still in use but I know it exists:

Well, they fly the reworked version for testing so it’s easier for them. The A-10 is one of the oldest aircraft in the IF fleet, and therefore is hard to maneuver (at least, that’s my opinion). Once the rework is released, it should be much easier to fly.


I hope so I tried it yesterday and I had just enough time to realise it was all over and apologies to the ATC very embarrassing

If the controller can recalled I’m sorry followed by standby from a spinning aircraft shortly after take off then once again I’m sorry I’ll strike from the A10 u til its reported of a successful rework

Very high regard and thanks to the development team
Your efforts are simply amazing

Thank you all very very much

Thanks to Laura and Misha for there flight display yesterday

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There has already been a topic made requesting an A10 tutorial which is linked below. Please make sure to search before posting duplicates.

A tutorial on how to fly the A10 will most likely come with the release of the reworked A10. Until then just sit tight , be sure to be on the lookout for information regarding the update on the forum and all of infinite flights social media platforms.


Thank you I did search when i made the post but I did not see that , sorry

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