A10 crash

So this is only for the a10 hog but every time I use it I crash about 1 to 2 minutes after I load it. I’ve tried multiple times and restarted my device. Is anyone else feeling the same problem

What your speed? You might be going slow.

No my game crashes

That’s strange indeed.
Perhaps good to remove the IF app and re-install it.

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Hmm, try uninstall and reinstall.

What device do you have?
What view are you on when it crashes?
What are your graphics settings?

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So your telling me that the app crashes after 1-2 mins loaded in with the A10? If so go to settings and clear scenery cache maybe. That may work its worth a shot. 😉

So now my game just keeps crashing I have Apple iPad Air it has the latest iOS and I have a preinstalled screen recorder. I have 20 gigabytes of men left it keeps telling be to restart my device reduce setting because I have low storage even though I have plenty left and I have restarted by device multiple times

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You maybe experiencing the same problems as me…

Mate, can I just confirm that this is the 1st generation iPad air?

And when IF says low memory, it’s not relating to system storage, more so system RAM, which those iPads Only have 1GB of if I remember correctly.

If that’s the case, the literal only solution is to get a more powerful device, as the iPad air isn’t going to get any better 🤷

I just reinstalled it and it works fine now. Thanks for all the help. ❤️U infinite flight community


Glad to hear that!

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