A10 attitude indicator shows 3-4 degrees higher than HUD

Hi all, I don’t know if anyone noticed yet ( at least I didn’t find a topic on it) that the A10’s attitude indicator ( artificial horizon) indicates always about 3-4 or sometimes even more degrees pitch then the HUD. At first I thought it indicates what the FPA shows but I don’t find that consistent after quite a few flights. It’s puts me off from Landing by using the cockpit Instruments. I stick with the HUD.


There’s nothing wrong with either the HUD or the artificial horizon.
This is something you are experiencing as the camera angles are not 100% horizontal. They’re slightly tilted down when in a cockpit view.


So I can rely on the cockpits indicator?

Yes you can!

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I only use the cockpit indicator, Have speed,altitube,vs,

Only thing I think is missing in an inbuilt map but otherwise I never use the hud and its great fun!

Ok. Great . I ll try again then. Thanks & Merry Christmas. I think you can close then.


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