A-Z Country's Capital Challenge

Hi, I am here with @Jabs_Raf as he is joining too

I’m here as well

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Who’s got the flight plan

Metro Aviation is doing that, we will copy his fpl soon

Yeah sorry just got flight plan down

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Cursing altitude at 36000ft at 0.86 knots fyi

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@Jabs_Raf আল্লাহর জন্য, দয়া করে বিমানটি ধীরে চলাতে পারবেন কি? lol [Context, I told him in our local language asking, “If he could match his plane speed with ours.”]

Jokes aside, your speed is too high like 447kts, when we are around 420kts…

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@Jabs_Raf, @Swiss27, and @Metro_Aviation, this would sound like a great group PM to have! You guys are getting a bit off-topic so I would suggest moving your conversation to a PM!


Okay. We didn’t know :)

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Leg 14 — 🇧🇧Barbados/ Bridgetown🇧🇧


Barbados is a small Island nation located on the easter side of the Caribbean and used to be a British territory. this in turn has made the island a huge tourist destination for both North America and Europe. The island is most known for being the birthplace of rum and Rihanna. The island nation is also known for being home to the flying fish. Its capital Bridgetown is the largest city in the country by far and is home to the countries only single airport.


  • Dhaka(DAC) - Doha(DOH) - London(LHR) - Bridgetown(BGI)

Flight 1: Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport (DAC/VGHS) - Doha Hamad International Airport(DOH/OTHH)

  • Airline: Biman Bangladesh
  • Flight Number: 325
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER (generic)
  • Departure Time: 20:40 UTC+6
  • Arrival Time: 0:08 UTC+3
  • Flight Time: 5h 58m
  • Cruise Altitude: 36000ft

Preparing for flight with @Swiss27 & @Jabs_Raf

Takeoff from Dhaka

Cruising over Western India

Decent with view of Dubai and UAE

Final into DOH


Welcome to Doha

Flight 2: Doha Hamad International Airport(DOH/OTHH) - London Heathrow Airport(LHR/EGLL)

  • Airline: Qatar Airways
  • Flight Number: 11
  • Aircraft: A380-800
  • Departure Time: 1:10 UTC+3
  • Arrival Time: 6:25 UTC
  • Flight Time: 7h 15m
  • Cruise Altitude: 39000ft

Parked at Doha preparing for the flight (this is probably my final flight on the old A380)

Midnight departure from Qatar

Over the Eastern Turkish Mountains


Final into early morning Heathrow

Touchdown into London RW 09R

Flight 3: London Heathrow Airport(LHR/EGLL) - Bridgetown Grantley Adams International Airport(BGI/TBPB)

  • Airline: Virgin Atlantic
  • Flight Number: 131
  • Aircraft: A330-300
  • Departure Time: 11:45 UTC
  • Arrival Time: 16:52 UTC-4
  • Flight Time: 9h 08m
  • Cruise Altitude: 35000ft

Virgin Atlantic A330 at LHR

Takeoff and on route to tropical Barbados

Window view of Ilha do Pico & São Jorge of the Azure Islands

Island of Barbados is in sight

Wingview of Bridgetown

Final into Grantley Adams International

Touchdown in tropical Barbados

Can’t wait for this airport to become 3D beautiful Island


Leg 15 — 🇧🇾Belarus/ Minsk🇧🇾


Belarus is located in Eastern Europe and it’s landscape is made up of primarily forests. the country has so many trees that its nickname is the “Lungs of Europe.” The Country’s capital Minsk is its largest city home to around 2 million people who while know their own language Belarusian, primarily speak only Russian. Since 2022 the Country has been extremely hard to fly into so that’s how we find ourselves taking this longer route into the country.



  • Bridgetown(BGI) - Manchester(MAN) - London(LHR) - Baku(GYD) - Minsk(MSQ)

Flight 1: Bridgetown Grantley Adams International Airport(BGI/TBPB) - Manchester Airport(MAN/EGCC)

  • Airline: Aer Lingus
  • Flight Number: 30
  • Aircraft: A330-300
  • Departure Time: 19:19 UTC-4
  • Arrival Time: 6:59 UTC
  • Flight Time: 7h 40m
  • Cruise Altitude: 39000ft

Takeoff from Barbados

Final view of the island

Approach over the Western Coast of Ireland

Final at Manchester

A330 being the butter machine it is

Parked loading up for the next flight

Flight 2: Manchester Airport(MAN/EGCC) - London Heathrow Airport(LHR/EGLL)

  • Airline: British Airways
  • Flight Number: 1389
  • Aircraft: A320
  • Departure Time: 11:11 UTC
  • Arrival Time: 11:53 UTC
  • Flight Time: 42m
  • Cruise Altitude: 15000ft

Departure from Manchester for our very quick flight

In air

View of British Countryside

Approach into London

Final into Heathrow


Parked at the very small British Airways Domestic Flight Gates

Flight 3: London Heathrow Airport(LHR/EGLL) - Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport

  • Airline: Azerbaijan Airlines
  • Flight Number: 28
  • Aircraft: B787-8
  • Departure Time: 22:39 UTC
  • Arrival Time: 7:19 UTC+4
  • Flight Time: 4h 39m
  • Cruise Altitude: 37000ft

Preparing for the red-eye flight across Europe

Takeoff late at night here in Heathrow

Window view

Flying over Brussels Belgium which is our next city coming up

Sunrise over Armenia love this livery

Approach into Azerbaijan

Landed once again here in Azerbaijan

Flight 4: Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport - Minsk National Airport(MSQ/UMMS)

  • Airline: Azerbaijan Airlines
  • Flight Number: 8701
  • Aircraft: B787-8
  • Departure Time: 22:28 UTC+4
  • Arrival Time: 1:15 UTC+3
  • Flight Time: 3h 47m
  • Cruise Altitude: 34000ft

Beautiful airport here in Baku


First sites of Russia

View of Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea

Final into Minsk

Welcome to Belarus


Great picturess!!

Exciting leg!

Leg 16 — 🇧🇪Belgium/ Brussels🇧🇪


Belgium is located in Western Europe and while relatively small the country isn’t in population having over 11.5 million citizens. the country has 3 main languages being french, dutch, and german. The country is known for their food including french fries, chocolate, and of course waffles. Belgium is also very influential in European history, being known as the “crossroads of Europe” due to the amount of important battles that have taken place over the years. While I have already flown into the capital Brussels during this challenge, It will be fun to revisit this country!


  • Minsk(MSQ) - Baku(GYD) - Frankfurt(FRA) - Brussels(BRU)

Flight 1: Minsk National Airport(MSQ/UMMS) - Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport(GYD/UBBB)

  • Airline: Belavia
  • Flight Number: 739
  • Aircraft: B737-8 (generic)
  • Departure Time: 23:35 UTC+3
  • Arrival Time: 3:59 UTC+4
  • Flight Time: 3h 24m
  • Cruise Altitude: 36000ft

Loading in at Minsk preparing for the flight


Final Glimpses of Belarus

First sight of Azerbaijani over the Caspian Sea

Decent into Baku

Moon view while on Final at Runway 34

Welcome once again to Baku

Flight 2: Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport(GYD/UBBB) - Frankfurt Airport(FRA/EDDF)

  • Airline: Lufthansa
  • Flight Number: 613
  • Aircraft: A319
  • Departure Time: 4:50 UTC+4
  • Arrival Time: 6:37 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 4h 47m
  • Cruise Altitude: 39000ft

Only seen a sunrise like this here absolutely amazing

Takeoff from foggy Baku

Tallest Mountain in Europe Mt Elbrus

Northern Turkish Coast

View of Austrian Alps while descending

Final at FRA

Parked nearby to this Singapore A350

Flight 3: Frankfurt Airport(FRA/EDDF) - Brussels Airport(BRU/EBBR)

  • Airline: Lufthansa
  • Flight Number: 1008
  • Aircraft: A320
  • Departure Time: 10:03 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 10:39 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 36m
  • Cruise Altitude: 22000ft

Loading at a remote gate here

Departure from Runway 18

Descent into Belgium only after only 7 minuets of cruising

Got to love those engines when landing

Welcome here in Belgium


Leg 17 — 🇧🇿Belize/ Belize City(Belmopan)🇧🇿


From tropical rainforests to crystal blue reefs for scuba diving, Belize is a hidden tropical paradise within the middle of Central America and is one of the only country’s in this region that speaks primarily english. The country is known for its famous blue hole but it should also be known for its huge mayan population and history bordering over 900 Mayan sites. The country’s main export is tourism which makes sense due to all of the country’s beaches and wildlife. While the only commercial airport into the country is Belize City Airport the airport the country’s capital and second largest city Belmopan.


  • Brussels(BRU) - Newark(EWR) - Belize City/Belmopan(BZE)

Flight 1: Brussels Airport(BRU/EBBR) - New York Newark Liberty International Airport(EWR/KEWR)

  • Airline: United
  • Flight Number: 619
  • Aircraft: B757-200
  • Departure Time: 14:15 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 16:40 UTC-5
  • Flight Time: 8h 25m
  • Cruise Altitude: 38000ft

Loading up our narrow body for this hop across the pound

Reaching cruising altitude right over London

Starting to fly over the Atlantic seeing the Northern Irish Coast

Just barely seeing the Southern face of Greenland


Approaching the USA over snowy Labrador Canada

Final into Newark New Jersey

After 8 hours on the B757 we made it

Flight 2: New York Newark Liberty International Airport(EWR/KEWR) - Belize City Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport

  • Airline: United
  • Flight Number: 542
  • Aircraft: B737-800
  • Departure Time: 9:30 UTC-5
  • Arrival Time: 11:55 UTC-6
  • Flight Time: 3h 55m
  • Cruise Altitude: 38000ft

Star Alliance here at Newark

Next stop Belize

Flying over Key West

Gotta love the Western Coast of Cuba

Approach over Belizes crystal blue waters

Where beach meets rainforest

Welcome to Belize

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Leg 18 — 🇧🇯Benin/ Cotonou🇧🇯


located in the heart of the Ivory Coast we are welcomed into our next country of Benin. Benin’s Capital City is Porto Novo but its largest city is Cotonou which is where the only commercial airport is located. Benin used to be known as the Dahomey Kingdom which was famous for its uses of bronze and being the birthplace of voodoo. This Kingdom use to spread all throughout the Ivory Coast. Even though the country is smaller now there is still much to see like the two national parks in the country home to the national animal, the leopard.



  • Belize City(BZE) - Atlanta(ATL) - Paris(CDG) - Cotonou(COO)

Flight 1: Belize City Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport(BZE/MZBZ) - Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport(ATL/KATL)

  • Airline: Delta
  • Flight Number: 1802
  • Aircraft: B737-900
  • Departure Time: 14:08 UTC-6
  • Arrival Time: 17:45 UTC-5
  • Flight Time: 2h 37m
  • Cruise Altitude: 37000ft

Loading up for a short flight to Deltas mega hub


Final view of the crystal blue waters of Belizes Coast

Flying over Mexicos Resort City Cancun

Final into busy Hartsfields Atlanta

Welcome to Deltas mega hub next stop Paris

Flight 2: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport(ATL/KATL) - Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport(CDG/LFPG)

  • Airline: Air France
  • Flight Number: 689
  • Aircraft: A350-900
  • Departure Time: 20:46 UTC-5
  • Arrival Time: 10:31 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 7h 45m
  • Cruise Altitude: 36000ft

Late sunset in Atlanta

Off to Paris

Golden clouds over South Carolina

Sunrise over the cloudy Atlantic (love this livery)

The northern beaches of France

Final into foggy Paris Charles de Gaulle

Taxing to gate

Here in Paris for the first time for this challenge

Flight 3: Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport(CDG/LFPG) - Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport(COO/DBBB)

  • Airline: Air France
  • Flight Number: 804
  • Aircraft: B777-200ER
  • Departure Time: 15:37 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 21:16 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 5h 39m
  • Cruise Altitude: 37000ft

Air China and Delta here in Paris as-well

Into the sky were off

View of Paris Orly Airport

Flying over Southern Algeria and the vast Sahara Desert

Sunset over Northern Mali

Final into Cotonou

Welcome to Benin


Beautiful shots, this has to be one of my favorite challenge topics!!