A-Z Country's Capital Challenge

Leg 5 — 🇦🇬Antigua and Barbuda/ Saint John’s🇦🇬


This country is one that I’m very excited about because the route is so interesting and Antigua and Barbuda is our first island nation. The country is located in the lesser Antilles of the Caribbean and is known for being a popular tourist destination due to its nice weather and beaches. the Island capital Saint John’s is by far the biggest city and is where most of the resorts are located.


  • Luanda(LAD) - Kinshasa(FIH) - Brussels(BRU) - Zurich(ZRH) - Toronto(YYZ) - Saint John’s(ANU)

Flight 1: Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro Airport(LAD/FNLU) - Kinshasa N’Djili Airport(FIH/FZAA)

  • Airline: Brussels Airlines
  • Flight Number: 359
  • Aircraft: A330-300
  • Departure Time: 20:15 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 21:25 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 1h 10m
  • Cruise Altitude: 23000ft

Takeoff from Angola

Touchdown after a quick flight to the DRC

Flight 2: Kinshasa N’Djili Airport(FIH/FZAA) - Brussels Airport(BRU/EBBR)

  • Airline: Brussels Airlines
  • Flight Number: 359
  • Aircraft: A330-300
  • Departure Time: 22:55 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 7:00 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 8h 5m
  • Cruise Altitude: 38000ft

On the same aircraft as in the last flight we depart from Kinshasa

flying over Switzerland

Sunrise in Luxumburg

Parked at Brussels

Flight 3: Brussels Airport(BRU/EBBR) - Zurich Airport(ZRH/LSZH)

  • Airline: Swiss
  • Flight Number: 787
  • Aircraft: A220
  • Departure Time: 9:45 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 11:05 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 1h 20m
  • Cruise Altitude: 35000ft

View of BRU after departure

Approach into ZRH with the alps in background


Flight 4: Zurich Airport(ZRH/LSZH) - Toronto Pearson International Airport(YYZ/CYYZ)

  • Airline: Air Canada
  • Flight Number: 881
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER
  • Departure Time: 13:25 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 16:40 UTC-5
  • Flight Time: 9h 15m
  • Cruise Altitude: 36000ft

Starting my long flight across the Atlantic

Departure from ZRH

Flying over the Western Irish Coast

Touchdown in Toronto

Flight 5: Toronto Pearson International Airport(YYZ/CYYZ) - Antigua V. C. Bird International Airport(ANU/TAPA)

  • Airline: Air Canada
  • Flight Number: 1832
  • Aircraft: A321
  • Departure Time: 10:00 UTC-5
  • Arrival Time: 15:50 UTC-4
  • Flight Time: 4h 50m
  • Cruise Altitude: 37000ft

Takeoff on our final flight

View and flyover of Bermuda

Island of Antigua in site

Welcome to the beautiful island of Antigua

This was my longest route so far but was sure a fun one. Can’t wait to do an adventure like this again soon.


Leg 6 — 🇦🇷Argentina/ Buenos Aires🇦🇷


Argentina is the biggest Country on this list so far both in size and population. The country sits at the lower part of South America and is the location of not only the Highest point on South America but the Lowest point as-well. The country is famously known for its traditional dance “Tango” as well as being the winning country for the world cup in 2022.


Flight 1: Antigua V. C. Bird International Airport(ANU/TAPA) - Miami International Airport(MIA/KMIA)

  • Airline: American Airlines
  • Flight Number: 2580
  • Aircraft: B737-8
  • Departure Time: 14:37 UTC-4
  • Arrival Time: 16:45 UTC-5
  • Flight Time: 3h 8m
  • Cruise Altitude: 34000ft

Clear Turquoise water while Departing from ANU

Bird eye view of Saba and Saint Martin

Approach in over the Bahamas

Final on runway 9 at MIA

Taxing to gate for the next flight

Flight 2: Miami International Airport(MIA/KMIA) - Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport(EZE/SAEZ)

  • Airline: American Airlines
  • Flight Number: 933
  • Aircraft: B787-8
  • Departure Time: 20:20 UTC-5
  • Arrival Time: 6:55 UTC-3
  • Flight Time: 8h 35m
  • Cruise Altitude: 35000ft

Night Departure from Florida

Cruising over Bolivia


Final at EZE

Touchdown finishing leg 6


Leg 7 — 🇦🇲Armenia/ Yerevan🇦🇲


Located to the east of turkey you will find the somewhat controversial country of Armenia. The country sits right in the middle of the Lesser Caucasus range and its capital Yerevan is one of the oldest cites in the world with the entire country dating back to around 12000BC being one of the first countries to adapt christianity



  • Buenos Aires(EZE) - Frankfurt(FRA) - Yerevan(EVN)

Flight 1: Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport(EZE/SAEZ) - Frankfurt Airport(FRA/EDDF)

  • Airline: Lufthansa
  • Flight Number: 511
  • Aircraft: B747-8
  • Departure Time: 17:50 UTC-3
  • Arrival Time: 11:05 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 13h 15m
  • Cruise Altitude: 39000ft

Loading up in Argentina

Wingview of the city

Sunset over Southern Brazil

Busy Day with ATC while approaching FRA

Landing the Queen

Flight 2: Frankfurt Airport(FRA/EDDF) - Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport(EVN/UDYZ)

  • Airline: Lufthansa
  • Flight Number: 1560
  • Aircraft: A321
  • Departure Time: 21:05 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 3:55 UTC+4
  • Flight Time: 3h 50m
  • Cruise Altitude: 37000ft

First sight of the Concord A330-900neo

Departure from runway 18

Beginning Decent over Northern Turkey

View of Mount Ararat, believed to be the resting place for Noah’s Ark

Landed early morning here at Yerevan a supper underated airport in my opinon


Just want to give a shoutout to @Alexorlov for creating UDYZ because it might actually be one of my favorite airports I have ever flown to and if you haven’t checked it out already make sure to do so!

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Leg 8 — 🇦🇺Australia/ Canberra🇦🇺


We now go across the world to the land down under known as Australia. The Country/Island/Continent is one on many peoples bucket list for good reason. from the Stunning orange Outbacks to the majestic wildlife at the Great Barrier Reef to even Kangaroos this Country is truly incredible. The country is home too many big cites such as Sydney, Perth, Brisbane just to name a few with the country’s population being over 25 million people. However all these cites are located on the coast where 96% of the population live. The capital Canberra is home to only 400,000 people being located right in between the countries two greatest population areas




Flight 1: Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport(EVN/UDYZ) - Dubai International Airport(DXB/OMDB)

  • Airline: Flydubai
  • Flight Number: 718
  • Aircraft: B737-8
  • Departure Time: 12:30 UTC+4
  • Arrival Time: 15:40 UTC+4
  • Flight Time: 3h 10m
  • Cruise Altitude: 38000ft

Departure from my favorite airports

Amazing scenery here in Armenia

Clear turquoise lake over Iran

Back again at Dubai

Flight 2: Dubai International Airport(DXB/OMDB) - Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport(SYD/YSSY)

  • Airline: Emirates
  • Flight Number: 416
  • Aircraft: A380
  • Departure Time: 22:01 UTC+4
  • Arrival Time: 18:17 UTC+11
  • Flight Time: 13h 16m
  • Cruise Altitude: 41000ft

Night time here at Dubai loading up for the long flight ahead

Flying over Sri Lanka

First Glimpse of Australian land flying over Christmas Island

Wingview of the Northwestern Beaches of Australia

Just us over the vast Australian Outback

Aproach into Sydney Kingsford

After 13 hours Touchdown

Welcome to Australia

Flight 3: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport(SYD/YSSY) - Canberra International Airport(CBR/YSCB)

  • Airline: Qantas
  • Flight Number: 1455
  • Aircraft: Dash 8-400
  • Departure Time: 21:10 UTC+11
  • Arrival Time: 21:46 UTC+11
  • Flight Time: 36m
  • Cruise Altitude: 16000ft

Here at Sydney about to fly are first domestic route in the challenge

Takeoff with Sydneys iconic tower

Flying inland away from the Pacific

Touchdown after our quick flight over. Welcome to Canberra


Great pics, and great challenge!

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Leg 9 — 🇦🇹Austria/ Vienna🇦🇹


In the Heart of Europe we arrive into the country of Austria, which gets confused with Australia so Much it has a counter at Vienna’s main airport showing how many people traveled to Austria instead of Australia. Still Austria has ton to offer especially in its western side located in the heart of the alps. The county speaks german with 25% of the population living in the Capital Vienna one of the biggest cites in Europe.



  • Canberra(CBR) - Melbourne(MEL) - Dubai(DXB) - Vienna(VIE)

Flight 1: Canberra International Airport(CBR/YSCB) - Melbourne Airport(MEL/YMML)

  • Airline: Qantas
  • Flight Number: 1523
  • Aircraft: B717
  • Departure Time: 16:35 UTC+11
  • Arrival Time: 17:45 UTC+11
  • Flight Time: 1h 10m
  • Cruise Altitude: 38000ft

Departure in surprisingly mountainous Canberra

Plane Spotters

Final view of the city

Arrival into Melbourne

Landed after a quick domestic hop

Flight 2: Melbourne Airport(MEL/YMML) - Dubai International Airport(DXB/OMDB)

  • Airline: Emirates
  • Flight Number: 407
  • Aircraft: A380
  • Departure Time: 22:30 UTC+11
  • Arrival Time: 5:40 UTC+4
  • Flight Time: 14h 10m
  • Cruise Altitude: 40000ft

Departure from Australia

Flyover the Maldives

Approach into The Arabian Peninsula

Early morning landing at Dubai

Flight 3: Dubai International Airport(DXB/OMDB) - Vienna International Airport(VIE/LOWW)

  • Airline: Emirates
  • Flight Number: 127
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER
  • Departure Time: 9:36 UTC+4
  • Arrival Time: 12:14 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 5h 53m
  • Cruise Altitude: 36000ft

Departure from remote gate at Dubai

Takeoff view from Dubai

Perfect advertisement material

Turkish Mountains

View of Budapest

Landing from Australia to Austria


Leg 10 — 🇦🇿Azerbaijan/ Baku🇦🇿


We finally made it to our final country in the A’s, Azerbaijan. Located right on the Caspian Sea Azerbaijan is also known as the land of fire. The capital Baku is the lowest capital on earth being around 10 feet bellow sea level being home to 2.2 million people. The country is mainly known for it’s oil reserves as well as its specialty food.



  • Vienna(VIE) - Warsaw(WAW) - Baku(GYD)

Flight 1: Vienna International Airport(VIE/LOWW) - Warsaw Chopin Airport(WAW/EPWA)

  • Airline: LOT
  • Flight Number: 226
  • Aircraft: E175
  • Departure Time: 19:44 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 20:39 UTC+1
  • Flight Time: 55m
  • Cruise Altitude: 35000ft

Flying out of Vienna


Approach into the planes of Poland

Parked at gate in Warsaw

Flight 2: Warsaw Chopin Airport(WAW/EPWA) - Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport(GYD/UBBB)

  • Airline: LOT
  • Flight Number: 721
  • Aircraft: B737-8
  • Departure Time: 23:37 UTC+1
  • Arrival Time: 6:10 UTC+4
  • Flight Time: 3h 33m
  • Cruise Altitude: 35000ft

Takeoff from Warsaw

View of the Western most point of Ukraine

Approach into Azerbaijan

Landing at Baku

And just like that we have completed all of the A’s on this Challenge. 🇦🇫🇦🇱🇩🇿🇦🇩🇦🇴🇦🇬🇦🇷🇦🇲🇦🇺🇦🇹🇦🇿


Here’s a map of all the routes flown so far


I’m honestly am shocked I was able to do all of this in 2 weeks


Well done, very good!

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Wow great job, Such a fun challenge!!


Leg 11 — 🇧🇸Bahamas/ Nassau🇧🇸


Our next flight is to the island nation of the Bahamas. Located east of southern Florida, The Country is made up of over 700 islands being a hot spot for cruise ships and tourist. The nation has famous pristine white sand beaches with turquoise water making the country one of the most beautiful to see from space.



  • Baku(GYD) - Doha(DOH) - New York(JFK) - Nassau(NAS)

Flight 1: Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport(GYD/UBBB) - Doha Hamad International Airport(DOH/OTHH)

  • Airline: Qatar
  • Flight Number: 354
  • Aircraft: B737-8 (generic)
  • Departure Time: 14:50 UTC+4
  • Arrival Time: 16:22 UTC+3
  • Flight Time: 2h 32m
  • Cruise Altitude: 39000ft

Departing Baku

The mountains of the northern Iranian coast

Arrival into Doha


Flight 2: Doha Hamad International Airport(DOH/OTHH) - New York John F. Kennedy International Airport(JFK/KJFK)

  • Airline: Qatar
  • Flight Number: 703
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER
  • Departure Time: 1:57 UTC+3
  • Arrival Time: 7:45 UTC-5
  • Flight Time: 13h 48m
  • Cruise Altitude: 32000ft

Late night departure out of Doha with a long flight ahead

Moon view after takeoff

Flying over Bahrain (the next country on our list)

Sunrise nearby the eastern coast of Canada

Flyover KBOS

Foggy approach into busy JFK

Dual landing

Touchdown at JFK in the early morning

Taxing to gate

Flight 3: New York John F. Kennedy International Airport(JFK/KJFK) - Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport(NAS/MYNN)

  • Airline: JetBlue
  • Flight Number: 1721
  • Aircraft: A320
  • Departure Time: 14:39 UTC-5
  • Arrival Time: 17:18 UTC-5
  • Flight Time: 2h 39m
  • Cruise Altitude: 34000ft

Taxing to runway for takeoff

One more view of NYC

First sight of the Bahamas

Landed at Nassau and our first B country


Leg 12 — 🇧🇭Bahrain/ Manama🇧🇭


Bahrain our next country is one of the smallest by land size but not by things to do there. Home to the largest underwater waterpark to the tree of life Bahrain has a-lot going on. the Capital Manama is practically the only city in the country but is home to 725,000 people. located right in the middle east the country mainly exports oil but also has a pro-dominate pearl fisheries industry as well.



  • Nassau(NAS) - London(LHR) - Bahrain(BAH)

Flight 1: Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport(NAS/MYNN) - London Heathrow Airport(LHR/EGLL)

  • Airline: British Airways
  • Flight Number: 252
  • Aircraft: B777-200ER
  • Departure Time: 21:55 UTC-5
  • Arrival Time: 11:30 UTC
  • Flight Time: 8h 35m
  • Cruise Altitude: 33000ft

Departure from Nassau

Final view of the Bahamas

Sunrise north of the Azures Islands

Approach into England

Landed at LHR after crossing the Atlantic

Flight 2: London Heathrow Airport(LHR/EGLL) - Bahrain International Airport(BAH/OBBI)

  • Airline: British Airways
  • Flight Number: 125
  • Aircraft: B777-200ER
  • Departure Time: 14:09 UTC
  • Arrival Time: 20:59 UTC+3
  • Flight Time: 5h 50m
  • Cruise Altitude: 39000ft

Parked right by the ATC tower at Heathrow

Departure with more Speed-birds on the ground

Sunset over Central Turkey

Decent into Bahrain



Leg 13 — 🇧🇩Bangladesh/ Dhaka🇧🇩


Bangladesh who’s flag is mainly confused with Japan actually has a bigger population at around 170 million. Located in the Indian subcontinent, Bangladesh is mainly made up of rivers, deltas, and mangroves being the location of the worlds largest mangrove forest! Major rivers such as the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna all serve a crucial role in providing fresh waters for crops mainly rice. The country had to basically fight for its independence twice and now rightfully holds their place on this list.


  • Bahrain(BAH) - Dhaka(DAC)
    excited to have a long non stop flight I can do between these two country’s

Flight 1: Bahrain International Airport(BAH/OBBI) - Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport (DAC/VGHS)

  • Airline: Gulf Air
  • Flight Number: 250
  • Aircraft: B787-9
  • Departure Time: 8:27 UTC+3
  • Arrival Time: 15:35 UTC+6
  • Flight Time: 4h 08m
  • Cruise Altitude: 37000ft

Taxing to runway for departure

Daytime view of Bahrain

The coast of southern Pakistan

Wingview of western India

Decent over the Padma river

Very foggy final into Dhaka

Touchdown with @Swiss27 following behind


Thanks. Nice.

Also, let me know, when you are flying to Doha from Dhaka, I might fly with you. :)

And here’s the pics I took.

This one is I have changed time to get this full moon view

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Those are sick!! Thanks man

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I have been really busy so I don’t know how likely that in the next week I’ll be able to fly dac-doh but we will see. I’ll let you know when I got a time plan though so don’t worry

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Thanks 😊

All good!

Okay I think I’m planing on doing DAC to DOH today at 3:30pm MST or 22:30Zulu. Using the Qatar airways B787-8. Flight time will be about 6 hours @Swiss27

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