A Yul Spotting Session

Here’s some nice shots of my recent sessions at CYUL! Enjoy!
ÉDIT: ATR boi.

Canadian North landing with a cool mono effect:

T7 with the sun:

King Air 350 from Air Inuit:

Canadian North not in mono:

French 78’

Gouvernement du Québec/Air Ambulance:

Maybe the coolest spotting even I ever lived: OWG, a new CYUL-based airline invited a bunch of spotters and me to have a preview of their 734! !
F35 taxiin’
First panning ever:


ATR!!! Oh yes

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A beautiful aircraft!

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Geez. That engine shot is crisp. Very nice photos!


Probably one of my bests shots ever! ;)

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Love the engine and tail pictures, very creative. Well done!

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Wow, these are incredible.

Out of curiosity, what equipment did you use?

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Wonderful pics! Thanks for posting

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Love everything about the OWG 737 photos

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Thank you! :)

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Thank you! I use A Canon EOS Rebel t2i (around 2000$* in 2009, when I bought it, including the stock lens) and a Canon 70-200 2.8 II (Around 3000$*).

*In canadian.

Thank YOU for this comment! :)

These are incredible I have to say.

WoW i like but how do you do to find plane, I am in this city, and I don’t see a lot of plane. Plane landing 25 min after the last landing. Lucky 🍀 😁

Those engines are really shiny, amazing pictures! Really love them :)

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