A yoke to fly aircraft in-game?

It would be cool if the dev team could add a yoke on the touchscreen that you can use to fly. Or even a touchscreen joystick could work.

Whats the purpose than to buy a yoke system.

Nothing beats having a physical yoke, but one on the screen would make flying more enjoyable on the go, especially since movement of the car won’t interfere with your control of the aircraft.

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Frankly speaking Most people I’m afraid will be against this.They’ll have that feeling that The Sim would turn into being more of a game Let’s see


I have flown in a car and it’s not hard at all just hold it up securely and lean on some thing this is a car with sports suspension and 20 inch wheels so I don’t see why you have issues 😂

  • -Yes i want this,
  • -Doesn’t really matter
  • -No never in IF

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Unless youre doing some kind of “fast 7” or “Transporter” maneuvers XD A temporal solution would be to set your sensitivity to Low if it really bugs you

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There’s a marvelous invention called “Auto-pilot”.
I really recommend it.

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