A Year To Remember | My 2020 Recap

My 2020 Recap

So this year hasn’t be the best year, but I tried to make the most of it. I achieved a lot of amazing things this year. Down below I’ve made list of a few cool things I achieved in Infinite Flight and my Aviation adventures.

Starting my PPL

This year I decided to finally start my PPL. Out of all the years I could choose.

After I decided not to start my PPL last year in 2019, I decided to go ahead with it this year. So far I currently have flown 17h 39min. I have ~3 more flying lessons until my solo. Unfortunately my home base LSZI is closed due to COVID-19 until the end of January. Luckily my aircraft HB-KMF is based at another airport (LSZF). So depending how things go, I might be able to have my solo in January or February.

In the meantime I’ve been busy learning for my PPL theory and have been using Infinite Flight to practise a few things like my approach & climb checks, and also practising flying a pattern.

Me on my first flying lesson coming into land at LSZI

A220 Jumpseat flight (LX2020/LX2021)

On Tuesday the 11th of February, I was invited to join the crew of a SWISS A220-100 on a flight from Zürich (LSZH) to Madrid Barajas (LEMD). The First Officer, who invited me, managed to reserve the jumpseat for me. I was so excited.

A few days before the flight, the First Officer, he told me that the Captain on the flight would be the chief pilot from the A220 family at SWISS. This was really cool. The Chief pilot had recently been featured in a PilotEyesTV episode. So I bought it and watched. During our flight I talked to him about it and it was great since he knew all the references I made.

After flying into Madrid Barajas (LEMD), I went to do the walk round with the captain. He explained to how the aircraft is built and how certain parts of the aircraft work.

On Runway 36R at LEMD. Taken from the Jumspeat on the A220-100 (HB-JBA)

When we flew into Madrid we had to perform a full autoland. The Visibility was around 400m / 1300ft. This was also noticeable on our departure back to Zürich.

On final for Runway 28 at LSZH. Taken from the Jumspeat on the A220-100 (HB-JBA)

Becoming an IFATC Trainer


I was very fortunate to join the IFATC training team this year. After only being at IFATC for around 6 months I was offered a position to join the team. After thinking to myself if I could realistically take on the role, I accepted the offer. I’ve had a lot of fun training people so far and also have a lot of fun speaking to the rest of the team.

Plane spotting throughout Europe

Just before the world went into lockdown, I was able to travel to a few different locations around Europe this year. Of course, I used the opportunity to get some plane spotting in.

Down below are a few of my favourite pictures I’ve taken this year.

London Heathrow | EGLL

Aer lingus | A320-200 | EI-DVL

British Airways | A320-200 | G-EUPJ
Zürich Airport | LSZH

SWISS | A320 Neo | HB-JDA

Edelweiss | A330-300 | HB-JHQ
Corfu International Airport | LGKR

Lauda | A320-300 | OE-LOS

LGKR | Runway 35

Meeting the IFC

Even though this year wasn’t the best time to try and meet people all over the world, I still made it work. I’ve made a list below of all the people I’ve met this year.

@Darragh_ODonoghue + @Declan_Mcgee | Dublin | Pilot Careers Live
@Speedbird_286 | London Heathrow | Plane spotting
@Beniamino | Zürich Airport | Plane spotting
@Flying_Pencil | Basel | IRL IFATC Controlling
@Nick_Wing | At home | Sometimes says hello

Meeting the IFC (Virtually)

This year I also spoke to a lot of people for the IFC Online. Whilst not quite the same, it was great to speak to people. Now there are far too many people to tag, but if we spoke with each other this year, I appreciate it!

Too all the new people

There has definitely been a huge increase in activity on the IFC and Infinite Flight this year. Now if this the first time you’ve seen my name and have no idea who I am that’s fine. You might see my name pop up in a few places. If you have any question you’d like to ask me, my inbox is open 24/7. So if you’d like to get to know me, just send me a DM anytime. You can ask me any question you like, for example about IFATC, PPL, starting a VA, ect.

Thank You Infinite Flight Team

I also have to give the whole Infinite Flight team a big Thank you! A lot fo work has gone into the Simulator, the Community and the general image of Infinite Flight this year!

Also a big thank you to the Infinite Flight staff team for my birthday message. It was a complete surprise and definitely made the day extra special. I appreciate the time you took out of your weekly meeting to wish me a happy birthday.

Let 2021 begin

2021 will hopefully bring a lot of cool stuff to Infinite Flight. But the biggest thing that I would imagine the team will celebrate is, the 10 year anniversary of Infinite Flight.

So I hope you all have a good new year and start the year off great. Have a good one - Chris Wing


What an amazing story! Even reading the first few paragraphs and looking at the photos this IS a year to remember!

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Nice story Chris! Can’t wait for the new year for IF and in BAVA!

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Hmmm…I see how it is. Next year I’ll get a tagged for breathing at home.


Was a blast! I need to come down again to enjoy some swiss german and overpriced food by the River again. A Highlight of 2020 for sure. <3


Was a fun spotting session. Maybe soon again?

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Thank you!

Already stole my idea

It sure was!

Yeah, but this time you don’t have to worry about missing your train 😂

Sure! We’ll have to see what traffic is like at Zürich. Hopefully it picks up again.


Great memories from PCL in Dublin. Hopefully it goes ahead next year 🤞


I wanted to go to that but couldn’t @Declan_Mcgee 😪


I saw you and Darragh there but didn’t get a chance to talk :(
Was talking to Declan though.


Well worth it.

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It’ll be on in 22 hopefully

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Whether it be Ireland, Germany, the U.K. or Switzerland, we’ll probably meet next year ; )

I’m sure you loved Dublin so much that you’d go back in a heartbeat anyways!


We definitely need to meet up once it’s possible!

I’ll be back in Dublin soon again hopefully.

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He’s lucky he seen the nice parts 😉. Wait till he sees ballyfermot or Tallaght then he’ll see the real dublin

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After those pictures I can’t understand anybody who voted for the A330 😩 You captured the beauty of the A220 in the best way possible! Thanks for sharing

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U had a better year than me 😭 haha well wish you the best on your ppl journey! Happy New Year brotha!

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Thank you! Happy new year to you too!

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We need to do that again soon, was great meeting you!

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Yeah, I had a blast! Hopefully I can travel to the UK one time this year.

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