A Year (or two) Ago on IF or the Community

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the forums. If you have any pictures a year (or two) ago from the date you’re posting it, feel free to share here. I will probably be posting here regularly (but not too regularly).
A year ago I went around the New York region from KOXC, down the LI Sound, across Manhattan, to Jersey, and back into Connecticut on IF during my NY Tour event.

Plane SELFIE with @a380fan.

The LI sound before it got foggy as hell later in the event.


Wow, just wow - and to think IF came so far. In the 1st picture it looked like the other plane was better quality


My cloud won’t let me view pictures before July 6 in good quality. That’s because Cloud tuned the quality down to pack in hundreds of IF screenshots. Basically, those pictures are screenshots of screenshots. Also the front plane is a380fan’s.

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Do we still have that livery?!

On A319s! Not enough text!

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The pictures in general al low quality, the plane itself is not actually that bad, if the pictures were on HD


To see that the entire [Infinite Flight] (https://www.infinite-flight.com/) organization as a whole has come this far over all these years never seizes to simply amaze me!


I remember the old home screen, and the times that the yoke was in the centre of the screen permanently. Also when there weren’t any taxiways at airports. When there was no 747 family…


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