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Hello all! As we round up the year of 2020, the 365 day disaster, I reviewed some of my favorite shots.

I haven’t been spotting long receiving my Canon Rebel XSI in April and using it up to the present day. I learned a lot from @AndrewWu who has basically made me an addict of spotting. Here are my best shots of 2020! Enjoy!

10) One of my favorite shots was catching the Delta Skyteam 757-200 arrive from Atlanta! Not only that, McCarran Airport’s Delta Airlines Supervisor was with me! ✏️

9) Getting waves is common here in Vegas if your at the right spot at the right time! Here are waves from both the pilot and co-pilot! 👋

8) FedEx started using their 752’s here for a while! I was very happy about getting these pencils! 💜

7) The U.S Justice Aircraft arrives from Tulsa carrying some bad boys 👻

6) One of these awesome Tri-Jets arriving from a zero gravity flight ✈️

5) C-17 staring at the ATC 👀

4) This Virgin Atlantic’s final arrival before headed to Marana, AZ. A sad sight to see but an awesome one! ❤️🤍

3) A beautiful 70 degree day, a beautiful cloudy blue sky, and a beautiful aircraft! 🤩

2) I’m not sure if i’ve taken a better closeup, but my iconic profile picture ❤️💙

1) Number one, my favorite. I think @Drummer would be happy 😂

I appreciate the support over the past year! Have a safe 2020, and if you’d like, you can vote below 😉

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Or more like showing off its…




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Amazing photos. I love the 7th one, well done

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Definitely some really fantastic pictures! The quality is very good as are the light conditions and the perspectives. Thanks for sharing these Top 10 of the year!

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Lets go @Kamryn for another great year!!

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Pretty cool that same aircraft flew over my house on Approch into Farmingdale, Long Island, It was cloudy and it flew at about FL230, But I still ran outside to hear the engines roar.

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This shoot is OP 😍 but because I’m fan of the queen B747 I’ll go that one ♥️

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Excellent photos Kamryn! Cant wait to see what is in store for 2021.

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