A Year Of Home-Based Plane Spotting Catches

Hello there!

2022 came and is about to finish pretty fast, at least it felt that way.

Ok I lied in the title, it’s really just a bit over half a year since the below photos were taken on a camera that I got in May. But it’s my 2022 collection, at least some of my favorites.

Anyways this year had some interesting aircraft that flew near (or even over) my home. It helps even more now that i have an actual camera and not a several year old phone to take photos of the prementioned aircraft!

I did try to spread out my selection among the months I had. Photo quality may vary based on how comfortable i was with the camera at the time, as well as how much time i had to know the aircraft was coming.

1| 1st up is - and basically one of my first with my current camera - is A6-EVM on the 23rd of May flying Dubai to San Francisco

2| Later that day, two SH-60s flew by but here’s one of them

3| Now in early June, N33292 on approach from Denver around Dusk. One of my favorites just because of the lighting.

4| N801XT on approach, coming in from Burbank on the 23rd of June

5| Jumping to August, N407KC flying right on by. I’d see this heli a few more times but this one is the first image of it i came across out of my dozens upon dozens of folders

6| Second of September and N522AX flying nearby after hitting a wildfire out near Klamath Falls if I’m not mistaken

7| A few days later a B-17 thundered by, to my complete surprise!

8| I misplaced the registration number for this one, but 3 C-17s came out of the hills near my house. I caught them at the last second and this was one of th better photos.

9| Cargolux B744 by the registration of LX-GCL high overhead coming from Luxembourg to Los Angeles

10| and finally on the 13th of this month, N611CK doing patterns


Any of these photos stand out to you the most?

  • A6-EVM - A380
  • SH-60
  • N33292 - B738
  • N801XT - B738
  • N407CK - UH-1
  • N522AX - DC10
  • N9323Z - B17G
  • C-17A
  • LX-GCL - B744
  • N611CK - SH3H

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Camera specs for those who are into that sort of thing

Panasonic DC-ZS200 24-360mm zoom ability, most shots i did are close to the max.

1280gb SD card to hold my photos and videos that I’ll sit on and probably never view often or again.


~if there’s any formatting issues, do let me know~

Thanks for dropping by, and happy holidays + new year!


Some cool catches in here, definitely love that DC-10 and B-17!

All these topics looking back on the year makes me want to make one myself…


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