A wrap on 2019 : Throwbacks

As the year comes to a close, I think its safe for us sim pilots to say that we couldn’t be happier, and grateful with all the changes and updates that came into play for optimizing our experience when we make that next flightplan to a corner of the world that we wanted…on that note, bringing out the best shots I could manage over the past year with my best memory of the location.

Singapore Airlines 777 headed northeast from base to KLAX

F-16 Southwest of KDEN

Pan American 747-200 on approach to GCLP

Air Canada A321 on approach to CYVR

DC-10F North of Antartica

Cathay Pacific A330 landing at VHHH

Qatar Cargo 777 heading to OTHH

747 BBJ passing Mount Fuji on approach to RJTT

Turkish A321 climbing out of EHAM

Qantas 787 headed to YBBN and into a sunrise…


They are some great shots but in the about the #screenshots-and-videos topic below it said, no more than 10 pics. This topic will be closed if you dont remove 2 pics. Thanks!


Removed 2 :) thanks for the heads up

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No problem! Thay are some great pics :D.

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