A WOW air A321 disguised as a Vietjet A321

We all know that WOW air ceased around 2019 (or 2018) and with its aircraft being scrapped or most being sent to other airlines (like the A330neo that was gonna be for WOW air then sent to Citilink) however theres one aircraft that still has WOW air but in another airline

yep that exists alright and it still flying with a Vietnam airline called “Thai Vietjet Air” (and the livery is in infinite flight but regular) many of WOW airs Planes have been repainted but a little on this one only the tail and winglets.

It looks blursed since it both has WOW air and Vietjet air morphed into one plane.

Also its still flying to this day so you might spot this one


Hooooooooollllddddd up. Wait a minute

Ok. Now this is epic


Hehe, I saw this on Fr24 a couple of days ago 👍

This is a “there are no mistakes, just happy accidents” moment…

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I’m not gonna lie, that looked very badly photoshopped at first, then I got a closer look

Welcome aboard WOWJet, the new medium cost carrier of Iceland and Vietnam!

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Kinda looks photoshop at first.

Buying a WOW Air A321, sticking logos on the engine and tail


We represent you… Vietjet A321 😂

WOW Air ceased March 2019.

Wow that’s so cool 🔍 suspicious 🤔


Yes, It’s been lost money for fuel or sustainability from all Airbus half fleet then to continue failure from the market later the final bankruptcy headquarter in Reykjavik, Iceland. But they transferred again to the work company of Icelandair - not bankruptcy much an issue struggle has a not fun what eventually to continue the same.

What can I say except WOW, this is cool!

yea it looked photoshopped since the tails looks 85% complete (you can see the wow air logo on the left)

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One question though…where’s the MOM Air A321 disguised as a JetViet A321…

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