A word about the upcoming 787 update

😒that’s the only thing that I wanted that was free on this update

No, just the 787’s but everyone isn’t showing any appreciation for it so I don’t know if it will be added on all the planes. But I think it’s really amazing how the wings move around. :)

Yeah, it’s a shame that EVERYONE asks for something or complains about it. Once the devs fix it, no appreciation. It’s a shame.


I just wanted wing flex on the 747 and a380 because that will look Awsome

Yes I agree, but I think we all need to show appreciation for it on the 787, not saying that your not, but there are alot of people who are just concerned about minor details that I wouldn’t have even noticed.

You get the Atlas Air 747-400 (since 747-400 is Free). Additionally, the new user interface, and as @AmericanAirlines said, the Free camera, and the better performance.

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Is their any new liveries for the 777-200ER

I think it’s coming out on the 6th of August. Juist after the 787 farewell night


Korean air
New United

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I am so exited for the IOS 787 update i will buy it 👏🏼👌🏼😆

Thanks to the IF developer team for this update. I will admit I was a tad disappointed that the 787-9 variant will now be paid, but I can’t fault the team after reading the explanation and looking at the superb work they’ve done to completely overhaul the aircraft. Congrats guys, already added additional credit to get all 3. I can’t wait…(well, waiting on IOS)

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Really? I come back to this thread and people are arguing saying ‘Make the 787s free’ or ‘you guys should make everything free’. You must be joking! Almost everything is $4.99, you could make that money in one job shift or one chore done! It’s really not that hard to save up or do work for money, and you should be ashamed if you think these devs don’t deserve a paycheck for their premium work.


Ok, ok, quit teasing me, I am ready to purchase them. It looks good and will be well worth the investment. Just let me know the when because, I’m in.

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The update is out now for Android and will be out for iOS is a couple of days.

I’m still scratching my head on how come they didn’t make a topic on #announcements about the update like they did with past ones.

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I think the developers will do one when the update bugs are fixed and it’s released on iOS.


Makes sense. Ok then.

Simply because it is a big release so we expect issues and will use that post to address them. We did that in the past too.


Oh ok thanks for clarifying it.

Will definitely pay for this one!! Thanks FDS, keep up the great work :)