A word about the upcoming 787 update

So it’s different between IOS and Android??? It’s £4.26 for the Dash 8 from what i see on my phone (Android) Didn’t buy the Dash though :p

I’m not sure, I’ll see when the update comes out 🙂👍

Thanks, hopefully the IOS version will be out soon so everyone can try out the 787.

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If we paid for the yearly subscription will we get the 787 for free because the subscription comes with all aircraft?

Yes. Live+ lets you have all of the 787 variants free.

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Thank you for your hard work. Please keep it up!

If I donate some money, would it be possible for you guys to make the Thai 787-8 livery


It isn’t out on iOS because Apple is approving it. Don’t expect to fly the 787 within the next two days.

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Apple sucks :D


Especially me, then i see an update for musically (my sister does it, not me)

That is great!

Hey mate are aware if you need ‘heavy’ in the callsign of a 787?

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I spend money thats no problem but make to all planes Wing flex its more realistic. You make very good works devs.

Shut up and take my money 😂😂


Thank you! I’m happy to see the different! I will buy it! I’m pleased :D

No point in this update for me

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Why? It’s really awesome. There may be some slight issues according to some people, and its mostly just confusion, but I think it’s amazing! Definitely worth the wait and the money!

Does all the aircraft have wing flex now

Only the 787s come with wingflex at the moment