A word about the upcoming 787 update

They made a mistake by saying that they would be free; they’ve admitted it. I don’t know what else you want. They are humans and can buy whatever, I’m sure if they are buying new smart phones, they are used for testing. But I don’t know where you got that

They have also explained why they are working on the -10


No, there won’t be.

Are you going to be able to let this go? Seriously - your point is clear and your objection has been noted. Let’s not clutter the thread.


I have live+ but if I didn’t I’d gladly pay! Just from the screenshots and videos we’ve gotten so far, the devs have really knocked it out of the park this time.

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We all make mistakes. Respect the fact that they’ve done so. It’s not like they did it on purpose.


Found the topic regarding free aircraft @schyllberg: A little early present for the holiday season: fully redesigned A321 for all, FREE!
Nothing here regarding every aircraft being free after the rework.

First, the parents are who puts the rules on the house, they have the right to say “I will mot buy because we need the money to and etc” They will not make the same income, no one will pay $10 for an aircraft, everyone will stick to the789 and they will lose money.

Cost of a sandwich
So i dont pay Sandwich with Apple Store… so


At the end of the day, a business is being run here. FDS are providing a product with pretty affordable price points (you can buy so much for $5 in any physical store without raising an eyebrow).

It’s unfortunate as Carson said that these situations exist, but FDS are building a product and calling the shots on it, not adjusting it based on social situations.


Of course… your point?

It’s 5 dollars… it really isn’t that much if you think about it :)


Find whatever topics you’d like, this isn’t anything new that is being added to the conversation.

I don’t have any problem paying, but its kinda frustrating never knowing when the update will come out. Even if we were given an inaccurate ETA I’m sure 99% of us wouldn’t mind. Because soon on this forum seems to take forever. Im sorry if this sounds rude in anyway, its just annoying for us not have the the faintest idea.

Well, ppl make mistakes. We acknowledge it in our first bullet point in the post. Feel free to let us know where we can improve as a company though :)


You dont need to recharge it :)
Okay :) you are right
Take your likes :)

price of sandwich and drink and potato at McDonalds


I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that the A321 was released for free, but without anymore promises for free redesigned aircraft.

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$5 is a very reasonable price. Look at other simulators where aircraft variants can cost upwards of $15.


That would be ideal, but knowing the users across Facebook and other social networks, they would still find reason to complain ;-)


No way! Five dollars can make a huge difference and I know it. I have been there. Please respect he less fortunate people on this forum


Updates come usually every 3-4 months. Sometimes it takes longer because we find last minute bugs, or we decide to add an important feature that is more work than expected. In such a big project it is hard to give any kind of ETA, especially when you have hundreds of different devices to support.