A word about the upcoming 787 update

Over the past couple years we have dramatically increased the quality of our aircraft. Our team also grew in order to be able to release those higher quality aircraft at (almost) the same pace and to manage our ever growing community. Despite those investments, we have maintained the same pricing ($4.99) for our aircraft and provided many new features and even completely re-modeled many aircraft for free.

In order to offset those costs, we decided to make all variants of the new remodeled 787 paid.

Now we know that this won’t satisfy everyone so before you bust out the pitchforks, take a minute to read the thoughts behind this decision:

  • We did mention that free things would most likely stay free; it simply was a mistake, we didn’t anticipate the true cost for the level of quality we are trying to achieve with our recent aircraft releases.
  • We want to add even more details like animated glass displays, more animated parts, gear tilt, landing smoke, customizable tail number, etc… this will require even more time (and money) to add to future aircraft.
  • We already have many great quality airliner that are free.
  • We have more staff and they don’t work for free unfortunately…
  • IAPs are the only way for us to finance the continuous development of Infinite Flight. We don’t force anybody to buy anything, we don’t use any kind of trick to make you spend money in the simulator; we simply put our heart and soul in a product we believe in and you have the opportunity to help us continue with an IAP purchase from time to time (or not!).

This of course doesn’t mean that all currently “free” aircraft that might be remodeled in the future will become “paid”. The 787 was rarely flown and an eye sore in our fleet; the new one feels like a completely different (and far more realistic) aircraft. Don’t take our word for it, just take a look:



With your initial $4.99 purchase of the simulator, you get a fully loaded flight simulator with a large fleet of free aircraft. This fleet of free aircraft might change over time based on what is fair for the quality we provide. That being said, the overall value of your initial purchase will remain the same (it actually always increases since we keep adding free features).

We spent a lot of time on this new aircraft, we hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for the hard work devs. Keep this up!


first also im excited for this update


dang it LOL

make it 10 Dollars


Amazing! I am more than happy to pay for this amazing work!!! You have done such an amazing job, it is worth every penny/cent!!!

People who want everything for free just don’t understand all the hard work that goes into making Infinite Flight as amazing as it is

Great Work FDS team!


Wait, is the 787 update out yet?


no, it is not,


I will buy it! It’s $7.49 in NZ! I’d love to buy this!

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First like 😏 @HV9690 I can’t wait for this update. As Philippe said, the quality of this aircrafts are just incredible!


We thought about it, and despite adding wingflex, more cockpit details and many, many liveries, we decided to keep our pricing unchanged this time around. This is something we might consider down the road when we add even more realism (working glass cockpit, gear tilt, etc…)



This the thing I have been looking forward forever, and now I won’t be able to get it because it is paid…


Yes yes yesssss! I am happy to pay every penny for this amazing aircraft!


Then how did you got the app anyway?


Smh first comment shows real respect to the developer team.

Forgot to mention this. Looks like you guys have a long way ahead. 5 bucks for the wing flex on the 78’ is worth it. Keep this up. Hope to se better updates in the future :)


I sure am happy that I have live+ now.


worth every penny :) Buy Live + Best investment for your money


I hope Global Flight also.

Thanks for build Infinite Flight. The best flightsim in the world!

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Very happy to pay for this amazing quality of aircraft! I appreciate your work ;)