A wonderful sunset in the A220

With the sun setting over Romania, the Air Baltic pilots were preparing for their descent into Bucharest. As they passed through 10.000ft, the last remaining bit of light faded away behind the horizon. The only sources of light outside were the city lights below them, the flickering stars above them and of course the moon in all of its glory. The white and green aircraft gently landed on runway 08L fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Once the plane parked at its gate, the pilots opened the cockpit door, allowing the passengers to take a quick peek inside. All of the children on board were curiously looking inside, wondering what all of those switches do. After all of the passengers had exited the extremely modern A220, the cabin crew started cleaning the aircraft in preparation for their next flight back to Riga.

Flight information
  • Server: expert
  • Route: EVRA - LROP
  • Flight time: 2:20


That photo looks a little too realistic ngl😂

Wow, amazing photo!