A wonderful flight with FlyDubai

Today, I have flown one of the longest narrowbody flights I have ever done. When I scouted FlightRadar24 for a flight, I came across a flight that had grappled my attention a few times before: FlyDubai‘s flight from Dubai to Salzburg. I can’t imagine how routes like this (or by FlyNas to Riyadh) from such a small city, so close to Munich work, but, apparently it does and so I decided to do it!

Here I am blasting out of DXB‘s 30L after using most of the runway due to my high load factor for this mammoth 🦣 flight.

Where the other image fails due to being overedited 🥲 this does, too.

This one is rather unedited and might seem a little blank. However, the scenery is rather lovely and might trick you into thinking this is the Nile, which it is not.

Because I like habits, I am gonna stick with the habit of uploading scenery pictures, so here is another one. This time over the Turkish version of the Alps close to Antalya.

Because I am not very creative, I decided to create a pretty average cockpit screenshot with the mountains 🏔(this time the real Alps) around Salzburg while I was on downwind.

Here I am turning final Runway 33 after a visual approach (APP/Center by @jakub_astary). Salzburg is a Perfect Training site for Innsbruck, as the approach is very similar, but theres less mountains you can crash into.

Flight Details:

Dubai (OMDB) 🇦🇪 to Salzburg (LOWS) 🇦🇹
FlyDubai Boeing B737-800
6:45hrs flight time
Expert Server

Imma work on a more consistent editing style now 🤡


Beautiful !!

Nice shots and what a flight for a 737

Can’t believe didn’t see this topic till now, Nice Photos!

Really nice screenshots ! Especially the one with the cockpit !