A Wonderful Day of Spotting at DEN! (3-11-18)

Today, I went planespotting with a friend of mine at KDEN. I just got back, and I loved it.

(You would already know if you follow my insta, which is here:)

Here are some of the highlights!
(The first couple are blurry, expand for full image)

Frontier A320 on Final

Alaska 737 on Final

American A321 on Final

Here’s where it gets good:

United Pencil (otherwise known as the 757-300) taxiing

Delta MD-90 taxiing

Spirit A320 taxiing

United 777-200 taxiing, with SWA’s Arizona One taking off in the background

I’m gonna save the rest for my Insta. Comment on what you guys think of these photos!

Happy Landings!


I already know 😉 Great pictures Joseph!


Where did you spot from?

West Garage, top level, northwest side, & Valley Head Street near the Mt. Elbert Lot.


Ah yes the good old pencil joke

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Awesome photos Joseph, I just followed your Instagram!

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Nice Shots! Are these with a phone?

That Spirit Airlines Picture looks REALLY GOOD!

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I was just about to say the same thing! Those snowy peaks in the background are perfect. Excellent shot

No, they are with my camera

Thanks, @jmwilliams17 & @Balloonchaser! I couldn’t agree more.


Go north on tower, there is some good locations up there for a south bound arrivals. Good overhead and down-the-runway shots. Never knew if this stop, may have to check it out. Going up the 26th to catch the Lufthansa A350.


@Joseph_Krol great photos, what camera did you use?

Might I suggest next time you go spotting at DIA, head over around 4:00ish so you can catch the planes from Europe :)

Lumix DMC-FZ70. I would have gone near 4:00 ish, but I didn’t have the time then.

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Absolutely amazing! You captured one of the many beautiful aspects of Denver!! I’d give you awards if I could XD


Awesome pictures man!!!

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Thanks! Nice to see feedback from everyone.

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No, I used my camera.

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