A Wonderful Christmas Trip to Zimbabwe Pt. 3

Alrighty, it is time for me to head back to the USA after a marvelous time in Zimbabwe last week. I really did enjoy that Zimbabwean dish plus some music etc. So let’s get flyin’ back in the sky home. Starting off with TAAG back to Luanda and then to Dubai and Canada.

Return Flight
First Flight: TAAG Angola Flight 589 - 🇿🇼 Harare to Luanda 🇦🇴
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Origin: Robert Gabriel Mugabe Int’l Airport (FVRG)
Destination: Quatro de Fevereiro Int’l Airport (FNLU)
Flight Time: 3hrs 15mins
Server: Expert

Good Afternoon and welcome to Gate I5 at Harare Airport getting ready to board this ride down to Luanda for our return flight. Let’s Go

Up, Up, and Away we goooo from RWY 5 from Zimbabwe

And we touched sky at FL380 flying across Zambia 🇿🇲

Alrighty, we are about to touchdown. Flight attends, prepare for Landing in Luanda, with the TAAG Angola B772 in the background

Annd we safely arrived at Luanda Airport Gate 4 and disembarking onto the Tarmac. Let’s spend a day at an Angolan Hotel until our next flight to Dubai.

Second Flight: Emirates Flight 794 - 🇦🇴 Luanda to Dubai 🇦🇪
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Origin: Quatro de Fevereiro Int’l Airport (FNLU)
Destination: Dubai International Airport (OMDB)
Flight Time: 7hrs 25mins
Server: Expert

One day later, we are ready to board this big beast. That’s Right! Emirates to Dubai Gate 10 via the Tarmac. Let’s get comfy as it will get dark once in the air.

Here we go!!! An awesome afternoon Takeoff RWY 23 from Luanda. Goodbye Africa

Oh Man, this beautiful Sunset cruise at FL370 across East Africa. Let’s get comfy and grab dinner onboard and Zzzzz.

Alrighty folks, it is time to wake up and prepare for an early morning touchdown RWY 12R at Dubai Airport with an Emirates A380-800 holding short for takeoff in the background

And a safe arrival at Gate F19 in Dubai Airport from Luanda. Welp, it is time for a seven-hour layover in Dubai Airport for our next flight to Canada in the Last part.

Thanks for viewing and I will post the last 10 photos in the part with Emirates to Canada and Air Canada express back home.


yo dope shots big man. Those are good flights too I did the first one like last week :)

Emirates is the coolest one

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I feel like we don’t see enough flights within Africa, great shots!

Ah mate, that is what I call a good photo

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