A Wonderful Christmas Trip to Zimbabwe Pt. 2

This is the second part of the outbound trip to Zimbabwe. So now, I am laying over at São Paulo Airport and about to head to Africa. Are you excited? Let’s go.

Third Flight: TAAG Angola Airlines Flight 748 - 🇧🇷 São Paulo to Luanda 🇦🇴
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Origin: São Paulo/Guarulhos Int’l Airport (SBGR)
Destination: Quatro de Fevereiro Int’l Airport (FNLU)
Flight Time: 8hrs 25mins
Server: Expert

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Terminal 2 Gate 310 at São Paulo Airport. Ready to board this TAAG Angola aircraft down to Angola for our third stop. Let’s go

A late takeoff RWY 9L from Sao Paulo Brazil? But off we go headed for Angola.

As the horizon gets dark, it’s Zzzzz time at FL370 after our dinner onboard. So get comfy and enjoy this long flight down to Angola

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to wake up and prepare for an early morning approach RWY 23 at Luanda Airport. Breakfast time. Good morning Angola

And there is a dawn arrival at Quatro de Fevereiro Airport as we exit the aircraft via steps and walk inside the airport for our final flight to Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

Final Flight: TAAG Angola Flight 587 - 🇦🇴 Luanda to Harare 🇿🇼
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Origin: Quatro de Fevereiro Int’l Airport (FNLU)
Destination: Robert Gabriel Mugabe Int’l Airport (FVRG)
Flight Time: 3hrs 15mins
Server: Expert

Alrighty, it is a clear sunny afternoon as we laid over for seven hours and we are thirsty as we board the Boeing 737 aircraft from the tarmac spotting another TAAG B737 taking off RWY 25

And a short takeoff, off we go to Zimbabwe. This Christmas African trip to Zimbabwe is gonna be awesome!!!

What a beautiful day, cruising at FL390 across Central Africa heading to East Africa. Let’s have African snacks and drinks onboard and relax onboard.

Flight attendants, prepare for and evening landing at Harare RWY 5

And welcome to Zimbabwe where the vacation begins on the warm side of Christmas. Let’s go and see how Christmas is celebrated in Zimbabwe. Or maybe not. Thanks for flying with me to Zimbabwe.

This is now my complete Trip to Zimbabwe. Now tomorrow, I will post the return shots heading back to St. Louis 🇺🇸


Never flew in Africa i just find it boring but nice photos lad😁

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You have by far the best story lines!


Lovely trip!❤️


Another nice post about the trip!

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Thank You @IF_WALLPAPERS, @DanyyRude, @anon2996007, and @VR-DOM.

@DanyyRude, you should try flying in Africa. It’s really cool and warm especially on Christmas because imagine being stuck in the USA like New York and it’s extremely cold and snowing, you might want to escape the cold and head for the warm


I have to say, the concept of the whole itinerary of going to some of the best places around the worls that people overlook is very creative.

Brilliant photos as always!

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nice photos

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Great shots!

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Wow this is amazing, good job