A Windy KSFO ~ February 2020

Hey everyone!

This is my second plane spotting trip to KSFO to see the Qantas from Brisbane… Unfortunately, it was more windy than last time, so I got very weird pictures…

Alaska A320 blocks the Inaugural Qantas flight from Brisbane… :(

Jealous United joins in with Alaska :(

Thankfully, United brings in a Star Alliance plane!

Meanwhile, my friend Cathay A350 just passed his tower screening from last time :)

The United Star Alliance plane does not disappoint at takeoff!

Next up is an Eskimo ready for a showdown for takeoff against the Star Alliance United… ahem…

It’s the Eskimo Effect!

The Showdown Eskimo Is Off!

United Express is quick to show skills…

But in the end, no matter the angle of your camera, LUV is always the most important :)


Was this the day with 01 ops I saw all over Instagram?


Beautiful shots!

Love seeing the home airline all the way over in San Fransisco (:

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Thanks @Luke_M!

@AndrewWu, I took them yesterday at 3:00 PM PST :)

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I see that Honoring Our Vets Alaska creeping in the background of some of the photos 🇺🇸

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Oh, I forgot this, but I couldn’t add to main topic

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Not gonna lie (and no offense) this is like every Spotting Fails IG post with the pole and photo bombing plane.

See what I mean?

Cool photos though.

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I like that photobomb @KGJT-9149! :) hehehe

Where did you spot these planes? I live near SFO and would like to check this place out

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@Populeux_Music, it’s called Bayfront Park. It’s on the Old Bayshore Highway in Millbrae. It’s adjacent to runway 01R.

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Ah those pesky regionals…

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Yep, it’s fun… many United planes cause of the hub… Few Alaska, JetBlue & Delta planes. I’ve never actually seen an American Airlines plane take off from KSFO, but I’ve seen them parked… very weird.

I’ve seen many other international airlines at KSFO, such as:

Japan Airlines, EVA Air, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, China Airlines Cargo, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, SAS, Air China, Air Canada, Fiji Airways, Swiss, Aer Lingus, KLM, & TAP.

That’s quite a lot…

I’ve been on Air India’s SFO-DEL, Lufthansa SFO-FRA-DEL, and Emirates SFO-DXB-BLR.

Really great photos here, and watching the (photos of) the showdown was fun!

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KSFO is one of the few “widebody havens” in North America, so bit of a shame your photos were obstructed by some regional pleb aircraft.

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@Toga, I have no problem with regional aircraft landing there.

Plus, most of them were international flights.

What is very confusing is how Salesforce tower is in the background of the picture with Southwest and not with other planes…

Thanks for the info, will check out

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That wing flex on the 777 during its rotation…



The Alaska plane is jealous he/she is not the aircraft of interest. Great shots @ran, at least you caught it! I saw it fly over my house at like 8:30

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Great pictures, but this one must be my favourite! Thanks for sharing!

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