A windy day in the midnightsun

Today we were 3 Norwegian friend wanting to do a plane trip. Therefore we flew between our home towns. We weren’t smart enough to check the weather, so we had an approach with up to 30 kts sidewind…

Server: Expert
Route : ENBR - ENTC

Windy approach

Airport in sight

Gear out

High and hot in the beautiful midnights sun

Look at this stunning picture!

Lining up in crosswind
Keeping the aircraft straight
Touchdown in the midnight sun

Safely on the ground again!

Thanks for watching my pictures!

Which one do you think is best?

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Nice pics 😄👍🏽


Good pics😅

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Nice ones enjoyed them a lot

BUT WAS IT buttery??!

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Awesome pics! Next time, hit me up! I love Widerøe 😍🥰

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It wasnt buttter at all, i slammed the aircraft to the ground ;)

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Nice pics mate! 👍

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Nice job keeping the aircraft steady while in the crosswind I only just recently got the hang of crosswinds

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Landing in crosswind is actually unbelievably fun! I love it, just that it doesn’t always end well… as seen in some of my previous topics in #screenshots-and-videos

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I see that @Jens_Severin is coming in a bit high on approach, but taking crosswind into consideration it looks awesome!

I am really impressed by these photos!

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Thanks, comin in high and hot ;)

Nice pics dude 👍🏻

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Thanks mate!

Nydelige bilder😁

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Nice picture 👍👍👍👍

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Lol Living for that 👌🏻😆

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