A windy day in New Zealand (NZDN-NZAA)

Hello IFC!!

To celebrate the end of my school exams (If your from NZ you know), I completed a flight from NZDN-NZAA. This route takes you over the most breathtaking parts of New Zealand, and it is a reasonably short haul. Also I have slightly edited these pictures, just to make them look appealing. So sit back, make sure your tray tables are in the upright position and enjoy the pictures, thanks :)

FT: 1:45
Server: Training
Date: 21/11/19

Parked at a quiet Dunedin Intl

Back-taxi Runway 03

Leaving Dunedin and the amazing Otago Peninsula behind

Christchurch and Banks Peninsula, very windy, 120kts

Flying up the Southern Alps

The beautiful Marlborough Sound

Beginning decent into Auckland

“New Zealand 662 is on final, runway 23L”

Not my smoothest landing, but any landing you can walk away from is a good one

Parked at the gate as New Zealand 267 arrives from Wellington

Thanks for looking, any feedback would be massively appreciated :)


Wow that’s so cool I am from America so I don’t know how New Zealand exams are but that’s so cool I have never done a long/short haul flight ever but the scenery is so cool

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Hey! Great pictures.

However, the rule of the #screenshots-and-videos category is that you can only post 10 photos per topic. You have 13. Please remove 3.

But again, great scenery and great photos! Keep it up!

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Just deleted 3, thanks for telling me, first time posting 🙂


Hey @Aero I don’t know what time it is for you but maybe like later or tomorrow do you think we could both fly this rout I don’t know what you think but I would really like to see the scenery but I am around later and tomorrow except I have school but it will only be like 2 and a half hours

Of course! And happy birthday!

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It depends what part of the US u are from, I would be down to maybe do ga flight? Chat in PM

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Ok I will PM you

Thank you 😁

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Amazing! 😉

New Zealand is so pretty! Really nice shots!

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Thanks mate 😁😉

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Thanks, hope Sounds Air is going good 😁


These are some nice pictures, always love pics with gentle mountains in the background!

Oh, today’s my birthday too!

Happy Birthday 😁


I like the one-liner better than the pictures😂

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I’m not sure if that’s a complement or not 😂 thanks anyway 😁

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Lucky you…

Beautiful pics!

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I was also celebrating the end of my exams with a flight from NZAA to NZQN

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