A Windy Day At LAX

LAX Spotting!

During a break in my day today, I decided to grab at bite at In-N-Out and planespot on the grass adjacent. Saw some great stuff and watched the aircraft struggle in the 20 knot crosswinds!

Date/Time: 15 December, 21:00Z
Equipment: iPad 7th Generation, iPhone XS Max
Location: In-N-Out burger in front of runways 24L and 24R

No major editing were done to these photos.

The Photos:

Getting off the freeway, pulled over to get a shot of these FedEx planes!

Walking from my car, had to hurry this one!

Two jumbos in a row!

An American Embraer jet, this is special since I flew this exact aircraft in 2016!

Not much can be said, but two photos of the BA 747!

First time seeing Tennessee One!

Normal Southwest 737, but this one had a buttery landing.

And to finish the day, an ANZ 777!

How were the photos?

Comment down below with questions, comments, or concerns!


I’ve never heard of someone spotting with an iPad lol 😂

Such a great spotting location!


Oh wow I was just there earlier this week, very cool pics those are awesome, my favorite are the FedEx :)


It’s a win-win!

You get to enjoy a delicious In-N-Out burger and watch planes!

Not sure about the iPad though…


That’s better :)
Nice pics!

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Don’t listen to him kids, grease is bad for your health 😂.

Jk let’s not start a war here.


Ooh thanks for the health advice! Time to eat a stick of butter!


Immediately has a heart attack from the pure amount of Saturated Fat…

Meanwhile I’m over here eating an Avocado with olive oil and flax seeds getting those unsaturated fats…


their milkshakes 💯

nice pics, I saw TN1 at MDW last august

JeSuS cHrIsT the sun is burning through my eyes.


Welcome to the Californian lifestyle my friend…

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This is the first time I’ve ever seen iPad spotting here


i did in hawaii its pretty good

Nice pictures!

I personally don’t care that they were taken with an iPad; there’s little to no difference between your pictures and those taken with a crazy expensive camera. Very nice job 👍

Also, for those butter haters out there, butter isn’t even bad for your health unless you eat a whole freaking stick in one sitting. Anything’s bad if you eat too much of it. But, let’s not turn this into a butter vs grease war though :)

I know that I’m supposed to be positive and stuff. I know it’s your opinion but there’s a major difference from iPad pictures and camera pictures. No hate just facts.


Those were taken with a IPad? That’s a first for me!

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Ultra wide lens I guess. Any great photos he probably used the iPad to edit them

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It was a quick lunch break, wasn’t really planning to spot.

If I was, I would’ve brought my Nikon.

Wow I went plane spotting just a week later! I went to a different spot though. If you want some pictures I can send you a PM.

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Gonna be honest but even with the iPad these are some great pictures especially the a380 ones those things look huge from below. Good job.

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