A Whole year!

Wow has time flown.

One year ago, I joined the IFC!
It’s all gone by so fast

I’ve had such I great time here. Group flights, events, and even creating my own VA!

I’m so glad of the opportunities I’ve been able to get here.

My main goal when I joined the IFC was to be in IFATC, and I can say im well on my well, not quite, but close.

While I’ve been here I’ve joined many new VAs and have talked with many different people. I’ve created some of the weirdest events, but definitely fun ones!

It took me an hour for TL1, and a bit under a month for TL2, but it was worth it!

Thank you to everyone on my journey to here, its been amazing!


Congrats on one year!

It feels like you’ve been here a lot longer though… Lol.

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Glad to hear that

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\o/ Congrats mate! :p

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Congrats fellow Dallas person! We love having you here :)

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I am also I the Dallas area

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Ay that’s cool! are you a Dallas stars fan because we can talk about hockey if you want lol

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@SWAviator No I am a rangers guy

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That’s cool, me too!

and now we’re getting off topic lol

If you want to chat about the Rangers or anything feel free to shoot me a PM!

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Congrats and good job!

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