A whole day of flying!

Hello! I had a really long flight session yesterday, a whole 14 hours and 21 minutes! So I thought I’d share some screenshots I made with you, guys.

I started my journey in Budapest LHBP and ended it in Tirana LATI.
The route I took was LHBP - LLBG - LBSF - EDDF - LBSF - EGGW - LATI. I flew on the Training server with a Wizzair A321.

Starting off the day at Budapest LHBP, preparing this bird for yet another long flight session.

V1… Rotate.

Ground spoilers… Reverse green… Decel.

A few hours later, I took off from Sofia LBSF bound for Frankfurt EDDF. Don’t you guys love these mountains?

Another few hours later, I parked at the stand in Sofia, preparing for my flight to London Luton EGGW, as a Ryanair 737-800 spawned in the distance. Hi there!

After a calm flight, I parked at London Luton next to my plane’s smaller brother.

Gear down.

Finally parked the plane after over 12 hours of flying. Have a nice night, birdy, see you tomorrow!

I really hope you enjoyed the screenshots and the caption to them. Just like in my previous post, none of them weren’t edited. Any tips, advice, critique and opinion is awaited, respected and appreciated!


Wow, 14h of flying, that’s long. Incredible photos

Thank you!

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Very Nice Indeed!

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