A Whole Century Of Aviation In Flight {A Sequel}

Hey, IFC!

Yesterday, I went to LFFQ (with Laura ) to go watch the Ferte Alais airshow.

Never heard of it?
That’s alright.

Please go check out my first topic because it flopped and its kinda le sad :(

Anyways off we go!

Some beautiful old european planes!
Just look at that… bicycle gear? 🤨

Some Heli Action!

The Mighty A400M executing a tactical approach

The DC3 with some angry clouds in the back!

Oh look a penny!

A beautiful plane from @Moritz land

Mother and daughter flying in formation!

The iconic Patrouille De France

And last but not least, an amazing Rafale pulling some Gs

As usual, please click on the Images to get the full resolution!

Part 3?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thank You!

Wear a mask!



Love the Rafle

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Thank you!

We need EVERY photo lol

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Roger, I have time 🙃

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“yeah, I’ve got time”


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