A West Coast Sunrise Flight

Sydney to Los Angeles 🇦🇺 • 🇺🇸

I’m not too sure what there is to explain about this flight, a couple of days ago I decided to fly the rare transpacific flight, I almost never fly transpacifically, just because me living on the east coast the timing isn’t great, I usually takeoff and land in the dark. It was Monday night and I was watching Alabama run straight through Ohio States defense so I decided to fly Sydney to Los Angeles for @AmericanVirtual, I took off just after 11:30 AM in Sydney and landed the same morning at 10:30 AM in Los Angeles after 12 hours and 57 minutes.

Flight Details

Sydney to Los Angeles
American 10 VA
Boeing 777-300ER

Climbing out of Sydney with a full moon above

Flying over the Pacific toward the island of New Caledonia we pass 3,000 feet below a fellow 777 flying South toward Auckland

Over the island territory of New Caledonia 2 hours off the coast of Australia

The turquoise waters of the island coast south of the Capital of Noumea

The mountains rise as we cruise 33,000 feet above New Caledonia

The sun sets as we fly over the vastness of the Pacific

The sun starts to rise as we near the California Coast and @Udeme_Ekpo flies west bound for Australia

The sun rises just before we each our top of descent

Turning to the North before starting our approach to runway 25L in Los Angeles

Taxiing off the runway as a Delta 757 taxies out for a cold Minneapolis

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which country did I fly over on this flight?

  • England
  • Chile
  • France

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Great shots of my favorite aircraft! Loved the dimensions too!

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Amazing photos!

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I love all the shots.

Do you remember where the Etihad A380 is heading?


Those shots are so stunning! But I have a question, how the … did you passed over Chile in that flight?

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That’s an Asiana A380, so I’d say Seoul.

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Dang it. Looks like an Etihad.


The undercarriage of both aircraft look similar, however, there is a tiny bit of red on the left, which is part of the Asiana livery.

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Oh yeah. It’s the undercarriage that got me.


I do NOT approve this message.

Besides that, awesome photos!

@DanyyRude we need you.


Roger that bullyingis a go

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Lol, have fun with that. 😛


U flew over England 😃

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Nice! I love the air collision photos! Also you flew over France because it’s part of the
French Polynesian (Tahiti)

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Wow ! Incredible photos ! :)

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@Pilot_Felix thank you! I love the 77W too

@Aviation108 thank you! :D

@IF-Mallorca who said it was Chile 👀

@Butter_Boi I do not approve of your comment!

@DanyyRude I expected worse bullying 😔

@nolan_brant12 that may or may not be correct 🤫
@Mick0 thank you!

@Zhopkins yeah it’s an Asiana but I see how it looks like Etihad


Nice shots man, love that journey

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Oh for you haven’t seen my true form, for I will engage you…your aviation, your name, and most importantly…Your dignity

Jokes aside im kinda busy rn but ill try to squeeze some bullying onto my time

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Noah, your photos are just spectacular! Awesome job as always!

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Nice photos :)

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