A welcoming Flight in the brand new 777

Welcome again!

Welcome all again to my series of in-flight snapshots! Today I did a bit of curious flight with the brand new reworked B772ER! In this journey, I flew with my friend @Happy_Aviation_12 which is an avid player and real-world traveller, but he did not know about this wonderful community, so we did kind of a welcoming flight!

We took off from our hub at Madrid heading to Paris, choosing the Air France Livery to make this flight a bit more realistic!

Flight Details
Aircraft Livery
Boeing 777-200er Air France
Flight Time
Departure Airport Arrival Airport
Departure Runway Arrival Runway
14R 27L

It is possible to spawn with an Airbus A380 at VNLK on Casual Server?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I do not want to ever think about it

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Last poll’s correct answer was “None of these, I am afraid” which only 23% got correct

@Happy_Aviation_12’s roaring engines during rotation while I am impatiently holding short Runway 14R

Setting throttle to 80% during my Take-Off roll! This is my favourite part of the flight with the 777

The eight Wonder of the World, the @infiniteflight’s 777 cockpit!

A wing view During our descent!

Another neat feature! Gear tilt ready for the imminent touchdown at Paris!

A passenger decided to take a photo of the horizontal stabilizer of @Happy_Aviation_12 with a very strange sun’s outlines!

Thank you all for your time! I hope you liked these pictures, and as always, feedback is very appreciated!


Love these photos! Great mini thread

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Thank you!

Best bit of 20.1, no gate restrictions…

Haha, amazing pictures :)

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Cheers Luke, glad you liked it!!

Beautiful shots! And welcome to your friend!

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Cheers! @TheKnP_KK!

Good shots, I went to VNLK on casual when I heard about the experimental wake turbulence and jet blast before the hotfix, it was pretty cool being bounced around by other planes.

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Wow very nice photos!

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Awesome Photos!

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Loving this GIF! And yes throttling up is the best part of the flight. Even when you need to go around, which happened on my 2nd 777 flight

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Great pics! Love all the angles and editing. Hope to see more GIFs and 777s!

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Lol that sounds fun! Cheers!

Thanks for the kind words

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The 777 is truly awesome!


I thought adding a bit more variety to my collection! Thank you for your words!

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You will see more!

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