A weird sound during takeoff

So on December 28, 2018, I took an Asiana Airlines 767-300, and I was heading from Beijing to Seoul Incheon. As we were climbing to about 2,000 to 3,000 ft., I started to hear this strange noise as we were still climbing up. I don’t know if it was the engines, or if that was suppose to do. Whatever it was, I was kind of scared. Here is the footage below I recorded. Let me know what you think that was. Skip to 2:38


To me it just sounds like the pilots reducing thrust but I could not be hearing the same thing as you are.


Sounds like the pilots were reducing thrust to stay under a speed restriction given by ATC.


Correct, they did not want to receive a Level 1 Violation. I’d want to stay away from Training Server as well if I were them…


Huh. I didn’t know ATC tell pilots to reduce seed. Thank you guys for letting me know what it was.

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No problem. It could also be because they are trying to stay under the speed limit of 250kts below FL010.

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As long as the plane isn’t descending during takeoff, we gucci.


Mentour Pilot explains this sound - and that ‘horrible sinking feeling’ - in more detail in this video.


It’s not complying with a speed restriction, it’s reducing to climb power and lowering the nose to accelerate more efficiently. If the plane was slowing down, you’d feel it.

I would assume your pilot was told to remain at a certain altitude to comply with something and because of that they stopped climb and reduced thrust…

Happens, it feels kinda weird tho when your sitting in the plane and that happens huh :)

As long as there isn’t any smoke, fire, explosion type noises, and/or descending during takeoff, I’m pretty sure there nothing to worry about.

I thought it would be like a bang from a compressor stall lol.

The Pilot just reduced from Takeoff Thrust to Climb thrust.That´s all.

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