A weird screen

Hi I am just wondering I have just bought a month subscription and when I loaded up and changed view the screen went white with black lines shooting around I did clear chache scenery and graphics settings and has not worked. Please could some help thanks Mac

Try restarting the app or reinstalling it

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Ok I will thanks for help

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This is just a common graphical issue in the 19.1 version of Infinite Flight. Airbus A330 also had these issues before.

Simple solution here like everyone else suggests is to reinstall Infinite Flight and make sure your app is up to date. A few hot fixes were pushed in relation to this issue.

More Information can be found here:


Thanks for the help everybody all sorted

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Glad the issue is gone now. Enjoy now! 👍

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The A330 is the one causing the issue for people who have the wrong aircraft package installed. So it’s not that it had the issues before, it still does… for some :)