A weird one

Hello my fellow pilots, if any of you had had this problem before please help me. I purchased Infinte flight in another Apple ID but with the same device. A warning popped up on my screen showing this. If you can help me. It you’ll be greatly appreciated.

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If you purchased it with Apple ID #1 then signed out into Apple ID #2, you’ll have to go back to Apple ID #1 to buy an in app purchase.

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I think you have to do your purchase in the same Apple ID you used to buy your app

Will I have to keep doing that back and forth for every in app purchase?

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If you sign out of Apple ID #1, then yes. If you don’t, you can just keep buying.

What you need to do is go to the live section on the main menu and sign in via Facebook or google (whichever is easier) and when it asks you to purchase a subscription, click the I already have a subscription button. When you do that, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID, and after that, when it says no subscription found, go back to the aircraft menu and restore your aircraft. :)
That’ll do the trick!


Thank you so much man! Your the boss free cookies 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪


Awesome man, not a problem.Glad I could help.