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So on July 9th I was flying from WADD-OMDB for the event that was going on in an emirates 777-300. I had an issue during the whole flight however. The plane was going up and down, like I’d get to 30,000 feet. And she’d go down about 5000 feet and bob back down and the cycle just repeated itself. Like I was flying with no vertical stabilizer. I had to have the trim up to 12 to combat this issue. I was wondering if this was a known issue with the 777-300 or if it’s a glitch. Thanks in advance!

Most of these issues at cruise altitudes are due to incorrect cruise speed or you’re flying too heavy. However, in this case your cruise altitude seems fair for a heavy aircraft, an optimal cruise speed would be Mach .84. I usually run about +40 on the trim setting too.

Do you remember what speed you were set at? Did you mess with the weight distribution?

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I believe I was set at M.80 and I had about 50% load

Ahh, yeah I would try maintaining at least Mach .82 during your climb to cruise and then maintain Mach .84 once you’ve leveled off.

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I appreciate the help!

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No worries, the triple 7’s are great aircraft, but they can be finicky depending on how much fuel you have onboard, cruise altitude, and cruise speed. They fly great at Mach .84 with some positive trim for takeoff, cruise, and landing.

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