A weird Bug

I had been noticing a weird bug . The gates of airplane are open of other aircrafts let me show you one is from today and another one is from yesterday. Look and it and try to fix it

Hey there, thanks for the report! We’ve noticed this issue on our end with the latest server updates. We’re working on a fix which should hopefully come next week :)


Wait, the update for all of Infinite Flight is next week, or just the fix for this bug?

It is the same problem with reverse thrust after landing

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To fix the bug, like other server bug fix updates we’ve had recently. But that doesn’t mean a general update won’t come next week too if that’s what they choose to do

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Server updates only. We do these from time to time as earlier mention to patch various issue we encounter. It’s nothing new :)

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OK, thanks! I’m eagerly awaiting the next big update!


I see this all the time when I’m flying

Aren’t we all Mort!!! Lol

I think we are!

Probably also has to do with landing gears not showing at times. Yes, I did have my gear down Seb :D

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