A weird bug

So I had this happen to me just a few minutes ago, I loaded into a game and my plane was completely pink! So weird, anyone have answers?

I recommend just restarting IF… as that will most likely fix the problem

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Ok thanks!

No problem!

Bad news still pink😬

i’ve seen this once, either they fully restarted their device with IF closed in the background or reinstalled the app.
I believe that’s what they had to do

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Yikes! I have never seen this before… Try different planes and see if it has the same issues…

Ok thank you

Will do hope it works😬

If it is only with the 737 then the specific plane could have a problem…

Ok thank goodness, it worked for the rj200 just don’t fly the southwest 738🤪

It could just be the specific plane…

Could be idk but that plane is newly updated should be bug free

Yea, You said it was the South West 737?

Ya 800 to be specific idk it could’ve just been a bad internet spike not sure

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Maybe try a different livery for the 738 so we can confirm it is just the South West livery…

Omg I just tried the American livery fine I went back to the canyon blue southwest pink!

You might just want to contact support if the problem keeps going… You already tried to restart so it would be best just to contact support

Just me thinking, does reinstalling IF help?

Unless you want to completely restart again