A weird acting C172

So some might seen my pictures yesterday of me flying across Australia and visiting the Uluru rock.

Today I planned to continue flying to Adelaide, as that is my next stop along this trip.

But when I started the flight i noticed something strange. My cessna was kinda bouncing and moving around on the ground and when i released the parking brake, the plane started rolling backwards. I checked the weather and there was only a 4kt wind comming from my righthand side. I tried to add a video recording of this event, unfortunately this site doesn’t allow me to. But I hope i explained this clear enough.

Also when i decided to ignore this and took off, the plane just didnt have the power to climb. Yesterday i took off with about the same weight and wind conditions and a +400FPM climb was easy to perform. Now the plane couldn’t go higher than +200FPM and my instruments showed that the plane wasnt even near the RPM it could do (stuck around 2000-2200RPM).

Am I missing something? Did i do something wrong, have been using the Cessna correctly for a while and this is the first time this happened.

Im going to give it another try , hope to hear your story, argument or solution!


Hey! It sounds like there are a few issues at play here.

The IF 172 is sensitive to crosswinds, and will shake a bit with a small crosswind coming from an angle. This is normal for operations within the sim.

A couple factors that could affect this: Higher weight, higher temperature (or flying during the day as opposed to night), lower air pressure, and flying at a lower airspeed could all make you climb slower. Do you know what the conditions were at the time of your flight?

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Airport: YAYE
Airport alt: 1625ft
METAR: 201400Z AUTO 20006KT 9999 / / NCD 24/11 Q1009
Time: Sunrise (not flying real time)

im now inflight again, had similar performance as mentioned above, now on a steady +300-400FPM climb to 9000ft. I now did not have this bouncing/moving thingy on the ground (winds even increased with 2 knots), so i think i know where you’re going with the performance part, still dont really know what the ground situation really is

I checked that place’s weather. Temps vary from about 20 to 35 celsius. The lack of power you describe seems to show you took off when it was 35.
Those 15 degrees difference really affect aircrafts, whatever their size, and particularly the less powerful ones. Also 1625ft is already quite high.
My two cents.

Edit : over the last 12 hours, density altitude varied from 2800ft to 4200ft.

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