A Weekend Down Under! @ NFFN - 151900ZDEC18

Hello there!
Tailwinds is going down under this weekend flying from NFFN to YBBN in the very beautiful Fiji Airways 737! Come and join us this weekend for a short flight! Join even if you aren’t in TFC!

Flight Details:
Departure Airport: NFFN
Arrival Airport: YBBN
Time: 15 of December at 1900Z (ZULU) Noon the 15th of December (Pacific Time)
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Fiji Airways 737-700
ETA: 2-3 hours
NOTAM: Please be respectful to eachother and watch out for each other and give plenty of room for Everyone else when on the ground and in the air. Try to maintain a 5nm-8nm distance between the aircraft in front of you!

01: @Daniel14
02: @VAnuj
03: @BennyBoy_Alpha
More gates will NOT added

Interested in joining TFC? We would Love to ave you aboard! Just fill in an application and we will respond within 24 hours! Not sure? Check out our official thread for more details!


Sign me up! TFC-021

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Sign me up! - FJI923

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Signed you up! See you there!

Can you do another flight like this on the same route sorry I missed this one

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