A week of the pacific NW?

I rarely post so I hope this is in the right category. Is there a thread I can go to either vote for a future ATC schedule? For example I live in Alaska and would love to see live ATC for a week in that part of the US. Airports could include KSEA, KPDX,PANC, PAJN, PAKT. Maybe other days include Montana, Idaho and even Hawaii as Alaska Air dominates routes to Hawaii from Alaska to California.

Again please let me know if there is a poll where I can vote!


Afraid not, this is probably a good thing to do so the organisers can see it however they randomly select and have themes around why they use certain locations such as FNFs and last Tuesdays military Atlantic crossing.

I hope to see these suggestions soon, best of luck.

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I think this is a great region, I hope it will be highlighted in the future. I have not flown in Alaska or the northwest yet.

Looks like you have been answered… enjoy yourself!


You’ll get to vote for next weeks FNF since it will be the last of the month though :)

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