A week at my new job!

Hello everyone, it has been officially a week since I started my job and to say I’m loving it right now. It’s a lot different from the GA side and I’m for sure learning a lot. As a new hire, I’ve got to wing walk both the left and right side, disconnect the tower bar from the pushback, pushed wheelchairs, gotten in the cargo bin, uploaded and unloaded bags from the baggage carts. We get A320s from AAY and they are configured for 186 passengers. Our flights range from 170-180 passengers on board and between 75-90 bags in the bins.
With working the A320, there are three cargo bins. One forward and two aft versus the A319 has one forward and one aft for a total of three. Here are some pictures of the A320 cargo bins. These ARE NOT MINE! IMG_0561

PC:Ben Shieff
Ask questions below!


Very cool! What a great opportunity!


What’s your turnaround time?

And what airline is that?

Thats quite a nice job you got there. I’ve been trying to find a ground handling job at my local airport (EGBB) for a while now but doesn’t look like their hiring.

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Ahh, a new ramp tramp.

Are the Airbus’ you get set up for bulk loading or for ULD’s? As I’ve always wondered which is quicker.

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I like this over Ramp Rat

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That looks like a really cool job you’ve got there mate! Looks like plenty of fun.

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@RotorGuy We have to adapt over here, saying R A T over here is bad luck according to the Manx

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45 minutes is turnaround

I work for a contracting company for Allegiant

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New to Commercial. Not new new. Have previous experience

45 mins?

If I took that that long spinning a plane I’ll be looking at writing a delay report. 30 mins is all we get to spin A320’s over here.

45 minutes is what we get. We can do it in about 30-35 minutes. Usually we’re done before fuel and PAx loading

I guess you get scheduled a longer turn time for the fuelling as that takes time, we only get 25-30 mins scheduled here as they typically tanker. I’ve spun an A319 in 18 mins before though.

Like Sunday, we had so many people so we did it in 30 minutes. That’s 178 pax, and 95 bags plus some late bags as well. Pushback was hooked and wing walkers on place and fueler still had 15 minutes left

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If your bulk loading 95 bags then thats good going. I guess thats spilt between front and back? as thats some good stacking to get 95 forward.

We put I think 86 forward. My lead/trainer was stacking and I was throwing bags to him. We put the rest in the back along with gate Checks

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I’m not normally in the hold or throwing bags, but I’ve jumped in when ramp are short, can be quite fun. And if you come from dispatch/TCO side of things its almost a relaxing experiance as you don’t have to worry about as much stuff (Ramp normally look at you funny if you say stuff like that.)

I’m usually not either. It’s usually the more experience ones. But I was with my good friend and mentor so what the heck. I’m usually wing walking and throwing and loading bags from the cart

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