A way to prevent people racing the taxi way

I am browsing this forum for a few months now and i have just decided to sign up, i know this is soppused to be on Features but i can’t open a thread there so i made it here:

Many people just race on the taxi ways and go trough each other or just land on each other and stuff… i thought about a way to prevent this which is pretty simple i think… we need some kind of a system that when you “touch” another aircraft, you will get the same message as you get when you crash, and that will prevent people from racing down the taxi way i think.
I know you thinl that this will make both aircraft get the “crash” message, usually the person who is racing has a higher speed, so maybe that is how the system can tell which one is racing (:

As for spawning at the same parking spot, i thinl the taxing spots should be colored red or other color on the menu so you know that you cant spawn there because there’s an aircraft there.

What do you think? (:


Welcome to the IF community! I really like your idea and I could see this implemented.


It’s not a bad starting point, I’ll give you that…


Well, if they do, they will get a warning, followed by a violation.

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I requested this a while ago but it was closed because people would do it to make chaos and others crash. Still think it’s a good idea though.

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We can always taxi around the aircraft

Make it so that the faster aircraft crashes.

Apparently, some people don’t take IF seriously. 😖😖

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