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hey there

i see that sometimes when im over the atlantic i can discover that some times wind can be tricky to guess and i would like to infirm you about this application called windy.

Windy is an app/website where you can see in real time the winds at different altitude. You can use it to plan your route (but most of the time FPLtoIF does that according to the winds so you dont have to struggle) and to see at what altitude is favorible.

you can give it a try @ www.windy.com


Yeah, I use it too!

No need to guess the wind. Check the hud, there’s a wind displayer right under your speed. Windy is a great source though!

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Thanks for the tip!

Use that website for long hauls to see what ATL gives me the best tail wind or least head wind!

exact and you can even predict what side of the runway you are going to use when landing

no problem

what i meant is to predict

Ahh yes. Windy is great for planning ahead. I use it a lot as well. :)

ah yes did you learned it via swiss001

Nope. @DeerCrusher I believe was the one who showed me a long long while back. :)

The very first wind model website that I used was Earth nullschool but later on found Windy years ago. Been a fan of Windy since then.


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