A Way to Help Beginning / Training Server Pilots

I have a great idea. Maybe a new feature can be implemented into Infinite Flight, where you can see your flight details after you press “End Flight”:

It’ll show you what you did wrong, such as:

  • If you taxied too close / went through an aircraft on the ground / sky

  • I you taxied perfectly and not on grass

  • If you landed too fast / landed nose gear first

  • If you followed ATC instructions wrong


Honestly, this could be a new solution to help save the perspective of the Playground server.


Nice idea, it’ll help the higher graded pilots save their voices. ;)

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I reckon that will be extremely hard to implement more so then global.

It’s called the Training Server now.


Another great addition would be a way to implement a log of all of the violations that one accumulates. Something that would be in/near the logbook page that we already have. This would show how many violations were accumulated during a session, and if you select it, it would further break the session down, into the more specific violations. Example: Feb. 27, 2017: 5 violations (3 overspeeding, 2 exceeding 250kts under 10k). This would take the questioning out of the forum in regards to why their grade dropped. Just a thought…


Oops, I got so used to calling it that. :)

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It is a great idea but some of the things that you proposed are hard to implement. For example if someone went through you then the game will say that you went through a airplane as if it was your fault…

But there are something easy to add (that you proposed) for the devs I think. Pilots must be rewarded with some XP if they taxied perfectly without going through the grass.

The system would need to ‘score’ a players actions to deliver this type of function, which would lead to Infinite Flight appearing as more of a game than a simulator.

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Well there is XP ;) There is no need to add a score system.

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Honestly, when you go on TS1, do you feel like it’s a game or a sim? I’m sure adding a list on what you did wrong at the end would be for the better of the pilots, or else TS1 is going to feel like a game forever.


I like the idea ;)
Or… they can add voice commands on IF Assistant.

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Low Key; that would be a bit annoying but very much helpful. People do need to know what they did wrong so they can learn from it, and get to grade 5.

Or possibly a test before entering the training server. Spawns you in at KSFO parking, flashes the microphone, you click and it tells at the top to press request pushback, a computer approves it. Then so on, then tells to change frequency as if it’s real. Then after a flight from KSFO to KOAK of KSJC it ends the flight and then the Grade 1 can fly no longer invisible. That way no idiotic pilots.


That is actually a pretty good idea!


Yeah I think this is a good idea and should be in addition to any tutorials you would have to take before flying on the training server.

There’s literally am app for that except i think it’s £5 which I think is a rip off for app which does barely anything, I totally agree with your idea!

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[quote=“Chatta290, post:3, topic:100516”]
extremely hard to implement more so then global.
[/quote] I think it will be one of the more easier features to implement, I don’t see how this would be extremely hard to make

Any chance of a link?

Amazing idea, not only will this idea help with all the issues on TS people complaining about, it proposes an idea to actually allow for the TS flyers to learn from their mistakes in a different way.

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And prevent them from getting out of breath after spamming the report button :) I agree with this feature request because I feel that it will help new pilots learn to be more professional.

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