A warning message shown for the atc

So lets say you are flying from London to Narita. And on your way there are several center frequencies active. The center wants you to contacy him/her. But the difficult part is, you are sleeping. So you cant contact the center frequency. And if you are playing on the expert server you are getting ghosted because you aren’t connecting to his/her frequency. So my request is: can’t we have an on and off switch (lets say in the settings) to let know the center that you are sleeping, so you cannot contact him/her. This isn’t an issue yet but later there will be center frequencies active and nobody wants to be ghosted while asleep.

sorry if this a duplicate, I couldn’t find anything similar to this

Center was removed with the Global update v1.

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As Neeson52 pointed out Center was removed from the update. Expect more information from the Infinite Flight Team in the future if any changes are going to be made ;)