A vote system for Expert Server

So on the Expert server thier are alot of pilots who struggle with ATC sometimes. These pilots can be a little bit confused sometimes. Instead of just reporting pilots to be removed why not create a vote system. ATC would report the pilots and it would send a vote message to other pilots in the frequency. I think this would give these pilots a chance to improve instead of being thrown out of the server because of a few mistakes. What would the message look like?

“N456NK is unable to follow instructions” all the pilots in that frequency would vote “kick or stay”. For kick it would reply “kick N456NK for not following instructions”. And for stay “Give N456NK a chance to improve”

And what this will do is possibly reduce the amount of false reports give pilots a better chance. And we could also have a vote system for ATC as well. Have a report system for them and if enough pilots report that ATC user then he/she would get a level 3 violation and we would have a much more peaceful Expert server.

And for the pilots if they all vote to kick the pilot that is being unrealistic then that pilot would get a level 3 violation.

Either way what do you all think?

Also if there is anyway to reword this to fit the features tab i am open for suggestions.


Booting a pilot off the Expert Server is an ATC (and moderator) ability ONLY and should not be extended to the pilots by mean of a voting system.

Just to raise a point;

Being sent back to the Training Server should not be considered a bad thing, but rather be treated as a “learning experience”.


Exept there would be nothing to learn and then pilots stop flying for infinite flight because they don’t want to have thier flight crashed or be spamed by OGW on training giving pilots a chance gives them more learning experience. Kicking someone out because they are having a hard to turning a heading or something along those lines is not a learning experience.

I think some people would likely feel very embarrassed/humiliated if they know that everyone on the server found out they made a stupid mistake.

Would you? Because I would.

It’s better that it’s kept private between the ATC/mod and the pilot.


And thats a learning experience because now they realize what they did wrong and can improve them instead of just getting booted out of the server and not knowing why

Er…you are told why? The ATC has to give a reason.

If the pilot wants a more detailed explaination, then they can PM the controller, privately.

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Most pilots on here don’t have access to the forums. So how would they know to contact the controller?

We are trained in what we do, pilots aren’t.

If there are issues with the way we report or control, myself and other members of the leadership team have the necessary tools to fix it, whether it be through remedial training or discipline as necessary.

The appeals team is more than adequate for unjustified reports, too.


I believe there is an option when the report screen comes up to contact the controller, I can’t remember though.


Yes but some controllers can abuse the report button and then that pilot has to restart his 8 hour flight

If a controller is found to be abusing the report button, they wouldn’t be IFATC for much longer.

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More often than not, this is not “abuse”. There are two sides to every situation.

A pilot may think they’ve done nothing wrong and be oblivious to it, but in reality they might’ve done something.

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Exactly and thats why the vote system would be good because a report is only one sided and often times the pilots have to suffer the consequences of a false report i have had a few of those before some were deserved and others weren’t. Sometimes the ATC controllers get ahead of them selfs and think like a cop with to much power like they are above the law

Precisely. If appeals notices a trend in reversed reports, they’ll generally start a discussion with the leadership team or address it with the controller, and if it reaches a certain extent, we’ll generally issue official warnings or suspensions.

And why exactly would this prevent abuse? I’d say there’d be more abuse of a system like this than anything.

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Yes but even if that pilot gets appealed he has to start all over again and lets say hypothetically he does JFK-SIN and he is ariving into SIN after 18 hours and makes 1 mistake. Then he gets reported again even if he gets it appealed now he has to redo that entire 18 hour flight.

It happens, and really, there’s not much that can be done to remedy a situation like that.

However, I will say that unjust reports are quite rare. More often than not, they’ll be blown out of proportion because a pilot will claim their innocence even though they were in the wrong. I’d say we as controllers probably have a better knowledge of how to operate on ES than the majority of the pilots.

Where with a vote system now he other pilots can vote guilty or not guilty in a way and this would give that pilot a chance and then now he can land his aircraft without having to redo his flight all over again just from q push of a button.

Other pilots should & will be focusing on their own flying, not primarily of others like ATC will be doing. Therefore a “voting” system would be flawed. That and a dozen of other reasons.